Lhoyer: Complete Guitar Duos Vol. 1

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A notable first on record, and another valuable addition to the unrivalled library of guitar music across the ages from Brilliant Classics.

Composer: Antoine de L’Hoyer
Angelo Gillo (guitar)
Antonio Rugolo (guitar)

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Among the most significant composers of guitar duos in the early 19th century, Antoine De Lhoyer was born in September 1768 in Clermont-Ferrand. His musical talents manifested themselves from early on, and he trained in Paris. His teacher Vidal paid tribute to him as ‘the finest guitarist in Europe’. However, at the age of 20, de Lhoyer embarked on a military career as a member of the King’s Guards, shortly before the French Revolution. Life in France rapidly becoming uncongenial for someone with his loyalties, he left France in a hurry and eventually settled in Hamburg, where his compositions were first published at the turn of the 19th century.

Duo concertant, Op. 31 No. 1:
0:00:00 I. Allegro moderato brilliante
0:07:13 II. Adagio cantabile
0:11:39 III. Rondo. Poco vivace

Duo concertant, Op. 31 No. 2:
0:15:14 I. Allegro moderato
0:20:51 II. Menuetto. Poco vivace. Trio
0:22:43 III. Adagio cantabile
0:25:59 IV. Rondo. Allegretto

Duo concertant, Op. 31 No. 3:
0:29:59 I. Allegro agitato
0:35:39 II. Romance. Andante sostenuto
0:40:13 III. Rondo. Poco vivace

6 Duos nocturnes, Op. 37:
0:43:49 I. Andante
0:46:23 II. Menuetto. Poco vivace. Trio
0:49:09 III. Andantino
0:51:18 IV. Moderato
0:53:24 V. Andante
0:57:46 VI. Rondo. Allegretto

Duo concertant, Op. 34 No. 1:
1:00:21 I. Allegro moderato
1:05:09 II. Menuetto. Poco vivace. Trio
1:07:25 III. Andante sostenuto
1:11:46 IV. Rondo. Allegro poco vivace

Duo concertant, Op. 34 No. 2:
1:16:00 I. Allegro poco vivace
1:20:18 II. Menuetto. Vivace. Trio
1:23:26 III. Adagio cantabile
1:27:29 IV. Rondo. Allegro poco vivace

Duo concertant, Op. 34 No. 3:
1:31:24 I. Allegro moderato
1:37:18 II. Andante sostenuto
1:42:39 III. Rondo. Allegro

Duo concertant, Op. 44:
1:46:27 I. Moderato
1:51:25 II. Minuetto. Poco vivace. Trio
1:55:02 III. Rondo. Allegretto

Duo concertant, Op. 35 No. 1:
1:58:45 I. Andante sostenuto
2:01:42 II. Rondo. Allegro moderato

Duo concertant, Op. 35 No. 2:
2:05:46 I. Adagio cantabile
2:09:25 II. Chasse. Allegro poco vivace

Duo concertant, Op. 35 No. 3:
2:12:35 I. Adagio
2:14:56 II. Andante con variation

Duo concertant, Op. 35 No. 4:
2:22:08 I. Polonaise. Andante poco allegretto
2:26:10 II. Rondo. Vivace

Duo concertant, Op. 35 No. 5:
2:29:49 I. Sicilienne. Andante poco adagio
2:33:18 II. Rondo. Allegro moderato

Duo concertant, Op. 35 No. 6:
2:36:08 I. Introduction
2:36:56 II. Menuetto. Vivace. Trio
2:38:59 III. Rondo. Allegro poco vivace

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