Life of Reed

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Part of the skill in playing the oboe is the making of the reed. In a fascinating look behind the scenes, this video shows virtuoso oboist Susanne Regel making a reed for a concert performance, and then explaining some of the finer points of the shaping process. This is followed by some closeup video of the reed using a macro lens, and a brief explanation of the tools used for making the reed. When we made this video, we had to choose whether to show a short video that just shows the different stages of the process, or to show a longer continuous video that shows all of the details; in the end we decided that it would be interesting to present the video as a sort of documentary that shows just what a professional player does, with a brief explanation at the end. To see the details of the reed, we recommend viewing the video in 1080p resolution. Recorded June 2013.
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Making an oboe reed requires using one or more sharp knives so, obviously, please use the knives carefully to avoid injuring yourself. If you do not believe you have the skill required to use the knives carefully, then you should not try to make an oboe reed.


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