Liszt: The Great Piano Works – Part 1

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Composer: Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt is universally celebrated as one of the greatest-ever virtuoso performers on the modern piano. Contemporary accounts describe his seemingly superhuman technical abilities and equally striking charisma and stage presence. Yet Liszt was a formidable composer, and his expansion of pianistic possibilities was achieved as much through innovation in his own great piano works as through his astonishing performance on the instrument, if not more. Like many child virtuosos thrust early into busy concert careers (Liszt’s began at the age of nine) he retired early, weary of the spotlight, turning his back on the stage at the remarkably early age of 35. Since he lived to the likewise remarkable old age of 75, much more than the latter half of his life was devoted solely to composition, and having been a pianist of his calibre, the works he created for his own instrument were indeed groundbreaking.

Tracklist Below:

Played by: Vincenzo Maltempo
00:00:00 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 1 in C-Sharp Minor, S.244/1
00:13:02 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 2 in C-Sharp Minor, S.244/2
00:25:41 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 3 in B-Flat Minor, S.244/3
00:30:58 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 4 in E-Flat Major
00:36:20 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 5 in E Minor, S.244/5
00:46:17 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 6 in D-Flat Major, S.244/6
00:53:22 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 7 in D Minor, S.244/7
00:58:57 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 8 in F-Sharp Minor, S.244/8
01:06:13 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 9 in E-Flat Major, S.244/9
01:17:35 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 10 in E Major, S.244/10
01:23:39 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 11 in A Minor, S.244/11
01:29:37 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 12 in C-Sharp Minor, S.244/12
01:39:56 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 13 in A Minor, S.244/13
01:50:05 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 14 in F Minor, S.244/14
02:02:59 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 15 in A Minor, S.244/15
02:08:49 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 16 in A Minor, S.244/16
02:13:50 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 17 in D Minor, S.244/17
02:16:46 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 18 in F-Sharp Minor, S.244/18
02:19:53 Hungarian Rhapsodies No. 19 in D Minor, Ss.244/19

Played by: Enrico Pace
02:30:04 Années de pèlerinage I, S.160: I. Chapelle de Guillaume Tell
02:35:34 Années de pèlerinage I, S.160: II. Au lac de Wallenstadt
02:38:43 Années de pèlerinage I, S.160: III. Pastorale
02:40:24 Années de pèlerinage I, S.160: IV. Au bord d’une source
02:44:22 Années de pèlerinage I, S.160: V. Orage
02:48:29 Années de pèlerinage I, S.160: VI. Vallée d’Obermann
03:02:20 Années de pèlerinage I, S.160: VII. Eglogue
03:05:58 Années de pèlerinage I, S.160: VIII. Le mal du pays
03:11:54 Années de pèlerinage I, S.160: IX. Les cloches de Genève


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