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Composer: Victor Lübeck
Artists: Manuel Tomadin harpsichord & organ

Unfortunately, until recently, the music of Vincent Lübeck (c.September 1654–9 February 1740) was simply regarded as northern German music from the 17th century in the pre-Bach era. This recording is the first edition to include all existing organ and harpsichord compositions by Lübeck as well as a series of previously unknown manuscript pieces.

Despite Lübeck’s fame during his long lifetime, few of his organ works are well known, yet his pieces for organ are the most important in his oeuvre. Influenced by Buxtehude and Reincken, Lübeck composed works that were both technically and artistically elaborate with frequent two-pedal virtuosic passages, five voices and other compositional elements rarely used by most of his contemporaries. Lübeck’s Clavier Uebung, written in 1728, consists of a single suite for harpsichord, with the traditional dances (Allemande, Courante, Sarabande and Gigue) preceded by a prelude and fugue and followed by a chaconne.


00:00:00 Praeambulum in D Minor, LübWV 11
00:08:33 Praeambulum in G Minor, LübWV 12
00:18:49 Chacon in A Major, LübWV 20
00:23:16 Praeambulum in E Major, LübWV 7
00:30:30 Ich ruff zu dir Herr Jesu Christ, LübWV 13
00:44:59 Praeambulum et fuga in F Major, LübWV 8
00:48:35 Praeambulum in G Major, LübWV 9
00:55:01 Nun lasst uns Gott, dem Herren, LübWV 15
01:01:30 Praeambulum in C Minor, LübWV 6
01:06:52 Ach wir Armen Sünder, LübWV deest
01:09:34 Praeambulum in C Major, LübWV 10
01:16:08 Praeludium et fuga in A Minor, LübWV 16: I. Praeludium. Vivace
01:18:47 Praeludium et fuga in A Minor, LübWV 16: II. Fuga. Allegro

Suite in G Minor, LübWV 17:
01:22:37 I. Allemande
01:25:14 II. Courante
01:27:14 III. Sarabande
01:29:32 IV. Gigue

01:33:00 Chaconne: Lobt Gott ihr Christen allzugleich, LübWV 18

From the S.M.G. 1691 Manuscript:
01:34:31 I. Menuet
01:35:23 II. L’Allemand
01:36:26 III. March
01:37:08 IV. Menuet
01:38:12 V. Menuet
01:39:12 VI. Aria. Mit Geduld will ich ertragen
01:39:54 VII. Trompeter Stück
01:40:25 VIII. Air Gavott
01:41:29 IX. Menuet
01:42:44 X. Englischer Winck = Tanzt od[er] Gique
01:43:41 XI. Menuet
01:44:33 XII. Folie d’Espagne
01:46:15 XIII. March
01:47:10 XIV. Menuet
01:48:04 XV. Aria. Watt wart uns Armen Deerens suhr
01:48:36 XVI. Bourée
01:49:25 XVII. Menuet
01:50:16 XVIII. March LübWV 22.1
01:51:14 XIX. Menuet LübWV 22.2
01:52:15 XX. Gavotte. Sa, sa, sa, die Gesundheit
01:52:53 XXI. Entreé
01:53:46 . Menuet
01:55:06 XXIII. Air
01:56:17 XXIV. Trompeter Stück
01:57:23 XXV. March
01:58:20 XXVI. Bourée
01:59:13 XXVII. Menuet

Suite in A Minor LübWV 21:
02:00:07 I. Allemande
02:02:32 II. Courante
02:03:58 III. Sarabande
02:05:05 IV. Gigue

02:05:52 Menuet
02:06:43 March
02:07:56 Menuet
02:08:49 Passepied
02:09:42 Menuet
02:10:20 Menuet
02:11:21 March
02:12:24 Menuet
02:13:19 Menuet
02:14:35 Menuet
02:15:24 Menuet
02:16:28 Praeludium in D Major, LübWV 19.1
02:17:28 Ciaconne LübWV 19.2
02:21:15 March
02:22:23 Menuet
02:23:30 Menuet du L’empereur Joseph
02:24:41 La reponse menuet

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