Lully Dies Irae, Te Deum

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Composer: Jean Baptiste Lully
Artists: Allabastrina (Choir and Consort), Elena Sartori (conductor)

The maestro of Versailles, the pioneer of high French Baroque style: isn’t that the uncontested place awarded by posterity to Jean-Baptiste Lully? The Italian musicologist and conductor Elena Sartori would have us think differently, with this fascinating act of rediscovery that works from a logical point of origin: Lully’s place of birth, Florence, as Giambattista Lulli. Her aim with this new recording is to reinterpret a pair of the composer’s grand motets through the prism of his Italian heritage.

As Sartori notes in her booklet essay, the magnificent Te Deum shares little of musical style or text-setting in common with Lully’s operas. The ornamentation and stylised, asymmetric rhythms that are woven through the texture of his dramatic works and those of his successors such as Rameau are notable by their absence; she finds, instead, ‘a deep-rooted, maternal sense of melody, and an enduring, even unwitting memory of Latinate language that leads the work away from factional claims (of national style).’

00:00:00 Dies irae, LWV 61/1: I. Simphonie, tuba mirum
00:03:28 Dies irae, LWV 61/1: II. Liber scriptus
00:04:18 Dies irae, LWV 61/1: III. Quid sum miser
00:04:54 Dies irae, LWV 61/1: IV. Rex tremendae
00:05:43 Dies irae, LWV 61/1: V. Recordare
00:08:01 Dies irae, LWV 61/1: VI. Ingemisco
00:11:48 Dies irae, LWV 61/1: VII. Confutatis
00:14:31 Dies irae, LWV 61/1: VIII. Lacrymosa
00:17:45 Dies irae, LWV 61/1: IX. Pie Jesu
00:19:52 Te deum, LWV 55: I. Simphonie I
00:21:32 Te deum, LWV 55: II. Te deum laudamus
00:25:38 Te deum, LWV 55: III. Pleni sunt coeli et terra
00:29:38 Te deum, LWV 55: IV. Simphonie II
00:30:36 Te deum, LWV 55: V. Patrem immensae majestatis
00:39:37 Te deum, LWV 55: VI. Simphonie III
00:40:43 Te deum, LWV 55: VII. Te ergo quaesumus
00:43:34 Te deum, LWV 55: VIII. Simphonie IV
00:47:00 Te deum, LWV 55: IX. Per singulos dies
00:48:22 Te deum, LWV 55: X. Et laudamus
00:50:23 Te deum, LWV 55: XI. Simphonie V
00:51:05 Te deum, LWV 55: XII. Dignare domine, miserere
00:56:57 Te deum, LWV 55: XIII. In te domine speravi

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