Mandolin Music from 18th-Century Paris – Les Galanteries:

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Composer: Abbé Joseph Carpentier, Aleixo Botelho de Ferreira, Cristoforo Signorelli, Giuseppe Zaneboni, Giovanni Cifolelli, Paolo Altieri, Pietro Denis, Salvador Castro de Gistau, Wilhelm Cramer
Artists: Artemandoline

About this Album:
‘Galant pleasures’ seems an apt description for this release, which presents a charming selection of works written for the mandolin in 18th-century Paris. Indeed, it was around this time that a number of plucked instruments came into vogue, and the mandolin in particular found great success among the nobility and middle classes, taking part in an atmosphere of intellect and refinement that prompted a new artistic direction in music of the period, revolutionising audiences’ tastes and sensibilities along the way.

Zaneboni, Altieri, Cifolelli, de Gistau, de Ferreira: many of the composers included hailed from different parts of Europe, eventually settling in Paris where music for the mandolin was reaching its zenith. The vast majority, if not all, will be unfamiliar with listeners, but this should not discourage them from tapping into a gem-packed compendium built around a number of sonatas as well as arias – works which highlight the instrument’s divertissement role in salons of the time. Acclaimed period-performance group Artemandoline is the featured ensemble, all of its members having undertaken painstaking research in order to recapture the standards of mandolin playing once enjoyed among the upper echelons of society, and which has set new standards in the interpretation and perception of 17th- and 18th-century works. Joined by soprano Nathalie Pearson, this release marks their second recording for Brilliant Classics, the first dedicated to the complete mandolin sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti.’

00:00:00 Sonata per Mandolino e Basso: I. Allegro
00:02:34 Sonata per Mandolino e Basso: II. Andante
00:06:17 Sonata per Mandolino e Basso: III. Menuet
00:07:54 Minuetto afandangado (Andante con variazioni)
00:16:23 Ariette
00:19:48 Air de Julie
00:20:50 Tre sonate per due Mandolini: I. Allegretto
00:22:34 Tre sonate per due Mandolini: II. Andantino
00:25:03 Tre sonate per due Mandolini: III. Allegretto
00:26:50 Petit air
00:28:43 Ariette
00:30:23 Sonata in G Minor: I. Allegro
00:32:05 Sonata in G Minor: II. Andante
00:33:42 Sonata in G Minor: III. Presto
00:34:29 Air de serrurier
00:36:18 Air de déserteur
00:38:58 Sonata per Mandolino solo e Basso: I. Allegro moderato
00:42:44 Sonata per Mandolino solo e Basso: II. Andante
00:44:22 Sonata per Mandolino solo e Basso: III. Rondo allegro
00:46:27 Sonata per Mandolino e Basso: I. Allegro
00:47:54 Sonata per Mandolino e Basso: II. Allegro giga
00:49:50 Sonata per Mandolino e Basso: III. Allegro ma non tanto
00:52:06 Sonata per Mandolino e Basso: IV. Andante
00:53:14 Sonata per Mandolino e Basso: V. Minuetto

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