Minimal Piano Collection Vol. I – III By Jeroen van Veen

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This unusual collection is dedicated to a very popular style: minimal music. Over the years this has evolved from austere, almost strict repetition with tiny ‘movements’ to a more varied and free approach to material and technique.

This set includes works for piano solo by most of the famous ‘minimal’ composers. Starting with initiator, if you will, Cage, and followed by the first generation entirely devoting itself to this style: Riley and Glass (Steve Reich did not write anything for solo piano). The next generation is represented by John Adams and Michael Nyman (his music for the film The Piano).

Dutch pianist Jeroen van Veen is fascinated by minimal music. He was one of the initiators and participants of the highly successful complete recordings on 11 CD’s of Simeon ten Holt’s, a Dutch ‘minimalist’, complete works for multiple piano’s. On this solo album van Veen demonstrates his affinity with minimalism with great flair.

The repertoire included here also comprises compositions by Satie, Friedrich Nietzsche and Arvo Pärt. There are two CD’s with music by the pianist himself and several recordings of minimal pieces by other present-day French, Belgian and Dutch composers.

This attractive set will appeal to a wide audience and sheds light on the present state of minimalism

00:00:00 Opening from ‘‘Glassworks’’ (Arr. van Veen)
00:08:53 Metamorphosis One
00:15:57 Metamorphosis Two
00:22:51 Metamorphosis Three
00:27:14 Metamorphosis Four
00:33:08 Metamorphosis Five
00:39:15 Mad Rush
00:54:28 Wichita Vortex Sutra
01:01:54 Opening from ‘‘Glassworks’’

01:11:19 The Poet Acts
01:14:54 Morning Passages
01:20:20 Something She Has To Do
01:23:51 I’m Going To Make A Cake
01:27:36 An Unwelcome Friend
01:32:08 Dead Things
01:36:04 Why Does Someone Have To Die?
01:39:41 Tearing Herself Away
01:43:49 Escape!
01:47:23 Choosing Life
01:51:33 The Hours
01:58:46 Truman Sleeps, from ‘‘The Truman Show’’
02:00:57 Opening from ‘‘Glassworks’’
02:07:07 Olympian

02:11:06 Modern Love Waltz
02:16:04 How Now
02:41:13 ‘‘Trilogy’’ Sonata; I Knee Play No. 4 From Einstein On The Beach
02:48:56 ‘‘Trilogy’’ Sonata; II Satyagraha, Conclusion, Act III
02:57:46 ‘‘Trilogy’’ Sonata; III Dance, from Aknaten (Scene 3)


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