Minimal Piano Collection Vol. X – XII by Jeroen van Veen

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Composers: Various Composers
Artist: Jeroen van Veen, Sandra van Veen, Marcel Bergmann, Elizabeth Bergmann, Tamara Rumiantsev (pianos)

The Minimal Piano Collection for one piano ended with “In C” by Terry Riley. Many of the composers on this new 11 Cd box have stated that this particular piece was a starting point for them to compose in a new way, exploring the ways that were created, the spaces between the notes, the emptiness, the freedom.

Elizabeth Bergmann & Marcel Bergmann, Tamara Rumiantsev and Sandra van Veen & Jeroen van Veen recorded 83 compositions. From two pianos up to six pianos, from Steve Reich ‘standard’ Pianophase to Six Pianos.

The composers on this new box are John Adams, Jurriaan Andriessen, Louis Andriessen, Marcel Bergmann, William Duckworth, Julius Eastman, Douwe Eisenga, Morton Feldman, Graham Fitkin, Joep Franssens, Kyle Gann, Philip Glass, Gabriel Jackson, Tom Johnson, Simeon ten Holt, David Lang, Colin McPhee, Chiel Meijering, Wim Mertens, John Metcalf, Carlos Michans, Meredith Monk, Arvo Pärt, Michael Parsons, Alexander Rabinovitch, Steve Reich, Frederic Rzewski, Tim Seddon, Jeroen van Veen, Jacob ter Veldhuis and Kevin Volans.

Get carried away by the new black box; 854 minutes of wonderful music, enjoy the Minimal Piano Collection, let the journey begin including a few recording premieres!

Simeon ten Holt – Canto Ostinato
00:00:00 Section 1
00:02:27 Section 5
00:05:11 Section 10
00:09:00 Section 15
00:14:12 Section 20
00:17:28 Section 25
00:18:57 Section 30
00:21:24 Section 35
00:24:17 Section 40
00:26:15 Section 45
00:28:00 Section 50
00:29:43 Section 55
00:31:55 Section 60
00:33:06 Section 69
00:35:50 Section 74: Theme I
00:41:56 Section 80
00:43:30 Section 83
00:45:05 Section 86
00:48:00 Section 88
01:01:48 Section 89
01:08:13 Section 92
01:09:36 Section 95: Theme II
01:13:07 Section 100
01:15:16 Section 105
01:17:13 Section 106

William Duckworth:
01:19:12 Forty Changes
01:30:24 Binary Images

Michael Parsons:
01:39:44 Rhythm Studies: Nr I
01:53:01 Rhythm Studies: Nr II

Douwe Eisenga
02:06:46 City Lines

Gabriel Jackson:
02:20:12 Rhapsody in red

Kyle Gann:
02:37:57 Long Night for Three Pianos

Philip Glass:
03:08:53 Metamorphosis II (Arranged for Two Pianos by Jeroen van Veen)
03:16:21 Metamorphosis III (Arranged for Three Pianos by Jeroen van Veen)
03:22:21 Metamorphosis IV (Arranged for Four Pianos by Jeroen van Veen)

Douwe Eisenga:
03:30:31 Les Chants Estivaux (Four Pianos)


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