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Composer: Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Nicola Jappelli, Nicola Campogrande
Artists: Nicolo Spera, St Martin’s Chamber Choir, Timothy Krueger

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A pair of world-premiere recordings on a unique collection of works conceived for an unusual, highly-appealing combination of musicians.

The technical challenging of balancing a choir singing at full volume and a guitar, renowned for its gentle sound, has tended to discourage composers from pairing these resources. Handled sensitively, however, the combination yields a seductive sound-world, full of mystery and imagination, tending in this trio of works to evoke a reassuring feeling of familiarity: there is balance, a sense of form, awareness, and respect for a past that is renewed while it nourishes the present.


Nicola Jappelli:
0:00:00 Nulla Sors Longa Est: I. –
0:10:16 Nulla Sors Longa Est: II. –
0:16:27 Nulla Sors Longa Est: III. –

Nicola Campogrande:
0:25:15 Materna: I. Piero della Francesca, Madonna del parto
0:29:00 Materna: II. Caravaggio, Natività con i Santi Lorenzo e Francesco d’Assisi
0:33:10 Materna: III. Bernardo Luini, The Virgin holding the sleeping Child
0:36:32 Materna: IV. Andrea Solari, Madonna del cuscino verde

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco:
0:38:19 Romancero Gitano, Op.152: I. Baladilla de los tres rios
0:43:03 Romancero Gitano, Op.152: II. La guitarra
0:47:27 Romancero Gitano, Op.152: III. Puñal
0:48:58 Romancero Gitano, Op.152: IV. Procesión
0:55:49 Romancero Gitano, Op.152: V. Memento
0:57:43 Romancero Gitano, Op.152: VI. Baile
0:59:50 Romancero Gitano, Op.152: VII. Crótalo

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