Music of Scotland: Canaries I; David Tayler, archlute

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A short piece from the Straloch lutebook, performed on the archlute by David Tayler. The Canary dance (“Il canario”) was a popular dance dating from the mid-sixteenth century, reputedly based on dances found in the Canary Islands. One of the first mentions of the dance is in Pisador’s “Libro de música de Vihuela” of 1552, and the Spanish lexicographer Sebastián de Covarrubias Orozco described it in 1611 as a “saltarelo gracioso.” The dance is characterized by a simple two-part form with an ostinato character, and often includes a set of variations. The version performed here has a distinctly Scottish character which adds a retrograde variation on the typical passamezzo pattern of the canario, but still retains elements of the Spanish dance form. Archlute by Andreas von Holst; tuning: quarter comma meantone.
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