Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition and Schumann: Kinderszenen

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This album contains the Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky and Kinderszenen by Schumann, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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Alexander Gavrylyuk has chosen a visual and imaginative programme: the unusual but logical pairing of two romantic cycles, Mussorgsky’s Pictures and Schumann’s Kinderszenen. In Mussorgsky, Gavrylyuk unleashes his immense physical and creative powers to evoke the Russian scenes with which painter Hartmann inspired the composer: from the innocent children’s play, the mysterious old castle, the quarrelling market vendors to the grotesque gnomus, the netherworld of the Catacombae, the menacing evil of Baba Yaga to the monumental Great Gate of Kiev. In Schumann’s Kinderszenen Gavrylyuk draws with a fine pencil the scenes from a child’s world, tender, innocent, joyful, the disc suitably closing with the moving Der Dichter Spricht.

Alexander Gavrylyuk has built an impressive international career, having played with New York Philharmonic and Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (3 seasons in a row). His first CD on Piano Classics (Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Scriabin, PCL0037) received rave reviews, including 5 star reviews in FonoForum, Gramophone and Fanfare.

Composer: Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, Robert Schumann
Artist: Alexander Gavrylyuk (piano)

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Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition:
00:00:00 I. Promenade
00:02:20 II. Gnomus
00:03:40 III. Promenade
00:04:27 III. Il vecchio castello
00:08:47 IV. Promenade
00:09:12 V. Tuileries
00:10:16 VI. Bydlo
00:13:01 VII. Promenade
00:13:49 VIII. Ballet des petits poussins dans leur coques
00:14:58 IX. Samuel Goldenberg und Schmuyle
00:17:19 X. Promenade
00:18:40 XI. Limoges, le marche
00:20:01 XII. Catacombae, sepulchrum romanum, con mortuis in lingua mortua
00:24:18 XIII. La cabane de Baba-Yaga sur des pattes de poule
00:27:30 XIV. La grande porte de Kiev

Schumann’s Kinderszenen, Op. 15:
00:31:52 I. Von fremden Ländern und Menschen
00:33:21 II. Kuriöse Geschichte
00:34:31 III. Hasche-Mann
00:35:00 IV. Bittendes Kind
00:36:00 V. Glückes genug
00:36:40 VI. Wichtige Begebenheit
00:37:30 VII. Träumerei
00:40:03 VIII. Am Kamin
00:40:58 IX. Ritter vom Steckenpferd
00:41:34 X. Fast zu Ernst
00:43:18 XI. Fürchtenmachen
00:45:19 XII. Kind im Einschlummern
00:47:22 XIII. Der Dichter spricht

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