Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition by Nino Gvetadze

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Composer: Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
Artists: Nino Gvetadze (piano)

Part of a series from Brilliant Classics featuring outstanding young artists who have won principal prizes at the Young Pianist Foundation’s National Piano Competition. On this edition, you can hear a beautiful selection of piano music by Mussorgsky, performed by Nino Gvetadze.

Pictures at an exhibition:
0:00:00 Promenade
0:01:26 Gnomus
0:04:06 Promenade
0:05:02 Il Vecchio Castello
0:09:17 Promenade
0:09:48 Tuileries
0:10:44 Bydło
0:13:52 Promenade
0:14:45 Ballet Der Nicht Ausgeschlüpften Küchlein
0:15:50 Samuel Goldenberg Und Schmuÿle
0:18:06 Promenade
0:19:31 Limoges, Le Marché (La Grande Nouvelle)
0:21:00 Catacombae (Sepulchrum Romanum)
0:23:14 Con Murtuis In Lingua Mortua (Mit Den Toten In Einer Totensprache)
0:25:09 Die Hüte Auf Hühnerfüssen (Baba Jaga)
0:28:10 Das Bogatyr-Tor (In Der Alte Hauptstadt Kiew)
0:32:42 Nanny and Me
0:34:07 Children’s Games
0:36:54 Impromptu passionne
0:39:23 Scherzo
0:43:04 A Tear
0:46:27 Close to the Southern Shore of Crimea
0:49:22 Meditation
0:52:29 In the Village
0:55:17 Gopak of joyfull fellows
0:56:55 The Market Scene

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