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Today we announce all our new releases for December! Every month we release new music variating from the greatest composers of all time to the lesser known but still excellent composers. In this video you can listen to a preview of all the new albums we will release for this month. All these releases are now available at Please like, share and let us know what you think of these releases!

💎 New Releases:

🎬🎮 These albums are available for sync licensing in videos, films, tv-shows, games, advertising and more. For more information and to request a license go to:

Interested in one of the albums for streaming or purchase? Find them here:

Schumann: Piano Music:

Thalberg: L’Art du Chant Applique au Piano:

Beethoven: Piano Concerto & Triple Concerto:

Scriabin: Complete Piano Music:

Frescobaldi: Complete Unpublished Works for Harpsichord and Organ:

Saint-Saëns: Complete Music for Organ:

Asioli: Chamber Music:

Goedicke: Music for Violin & Piano:

The Pied Piper of Hamelin and other Melodramas:

Ten Holt: Canto Ostinato 2 piano version:

Shand: Guitar Music:

Nocturne, Music for Harp:

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Thank you for watching this video by Brilliant Classics, we hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to share it and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And visit our channel for more videos. We upload daily with complete albums and compilations with the best classical music.

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