Ornstein: Complete Violin Sonatas

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Composer: Leo Ornstein
Artists: Francesco Parrino (violin), Stefano Parrino (flute), Maud Renier (piano)
A matter of months separate the first two of violin sonatas by Leo Ornstein (1893-2002) – the spring of 1915 in which the world was tearing itself apart in conflict – but, as if to mirror their times, the musical styles they explore are poles apart. The First Sonata is a long, four-movement work in a late-Romantic vein.

Only the descending clusters in the piano part of the second movement give notice of the fiercely Modernist rhetoric of the Second Sonata, in which the 20-something tyro composer himself admitted that he brought music ‘to the very edge… I simply drew back and said, ‘beyond that lies complete chaos’. In fact the four movements – much briefer than the First, but still traditionally disposed, with an Andante espressivo second movement – inhabit the realm of Expressionist angst shared by Arnold Schoenberg’s music of the period, including the Five Orchestral Pieces and Erwartung.

00:00:00 Leo Ornstein: Violin Sonata, SO 622: I. Moderato
00:05:54 Leo Ornstein: Violin Sonata, SO 622: II. Andante
00:09:42 Leo Ornstein: Violin Sonata, SO 622: III. Scherzo – Trio – Tempo I
00:13:22 Leo Ornstein: Violin Sonata, SO 622: IV. Finale. Moderato – Andante – Tempo I – Andante
00:18:53 Leo Ornstein: Violin Sonata, SO 614: I. Moderato
00:24:29 Leo Ornstein: Violin Sonata, SO 614: II. Andante espressivo
00:28:24 Leo Ornstein: Violin Sonata, SO 614: III. Vivace ma non troppo
00:31:01 Leo Ornstein: Violin Sonata, SO 614: IV. Grave
00:35:46 Leo Ornstein: Hebraic Fantasy, SO 601
00:41:10 Leo Ornstein: Violin Sonata, SO 623: I. Andante
00:53:33 Leo Ornstein: 3 Flute Pieces, SO 603: I. Prelude
01:01:48 Leo Ornstein: 3 Flute Pieces, SO 603: II. Intermezzo
01:07:04 Leo Ornstein: 3 Flute Pieces, SO 603: III. A Poem

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