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This ingeniously programmed conceptalbum contains no original music by Paisiello but rather presents a selection of works which take as their inspiration his best‐known aria. ‘Nel cor più non mi sento’ is a duet from his 1788 opera L’amor contrastato, ossia La molinara – generally referred to as La molinara and, in an intriguing twist of history, translated in to German as Die schöne Müllerin. But in fact Schubert is one of the few noted variationcomposers absent here. Paganini’s later set of variations is a staple of the virtuoso‐violin repertoire, but this enterprising trio of musicians have looked to lesser‐known treatments of the duet, which attained great popularity on account of its simple but winning melody, so suitable for elaboration. Bortolazzi was well-known in his day as a superb mandolin player, and composed prodigiously for his instrument just as Mauro Giuliani did for the guitar, with an intimate understanding of its technical and expressive possibilities. Wanhal’s variations were originally composed for a melody instrument such as violin or flute, but it has been arranged specially for the trio here. Beethoven’s piano‐only variation set is relatively well‐known and has been recorded many times, but the smaller works for mandolin and fortepiano are no less engaging and have received little attention: this period-instrument performance almost has the field to itself. Michael Salka plays an original 1820 Böhm fortepiano, Alon Sariel an 1850 mandolin and Izhar Elias a Guadagnini guitar from 1812, less than two decades after the works recorded here were composed. This fascinating release is completed by Hummel’s ‘Grande Sonata’ for mandolin and piano and an extensive Potpourri for guitar and piano.
Composer: Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Ludwig van Beethoven
Artist: Izhar Elias (guitar)
Alon Sariel (mandolin)
Michael Tsalka (fortepiano)
00:00:00 Variations in G Major on Paisiello’s “nel cor più non mi sento”, Op. 8
00:06:45 Grand Sonata in C Major, Op. 37a: I. Allegro con spirit
00:12:47 Grand Sonata in C Major, Op. 37a: II. Andante moderato siziliano
00:16:06 Grand Sonata in C Major, Op. 37a: III. Rondo. Allegretto più tosto allegro
00:20:31 Introduction and Variations in A Major on Paisiello’s “nel cor più non mi sento”, Op.113
00:30:31 Polonaise Allegro in A Major, Op. 113
00:39:26 Andante with Variations in D Major, WoO 44b
00:48:11 Sonatina in C Minor, WoO 43a
00:52:03 Sonatina in C Major, WoO 44a
00:54:46 6 Variations in G Major on Paisiello’s “nel cor più non mi sento”, WoO 70
01:01:34 Pot-pourri for Guitar and Piano, Op. 53
01:12:47 6 Variations in G Major on Paisiello’s “nel cor più non mi sento”, Op. 42


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