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Vibrantly coloured organ music by a Belgian master of the last century, in a new recording on a magnificent Klais instrument.

Peeters, who died in 1986 on his 83rd birthday, was one of the most representative figures of the European Romantic organ school, a distinguished recitalist and sought-after teacher. He gave over 200 recitals (notably in the USA and USSR), his programmes centring on Bach, Flemish music and contemporary works. His output as a composer centred on music for his own instrument, and Roberto Marini has chosen a representative selection from a large body of work influenced as much by Gregorian chant as Flemish folktunes, as theharmonies of Marcel Dupré and by the improvisatory technique of his great friend Tournemire.

Composer: Flor Peeters
Artists: Roberto Marini organ

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Curiously, given his established reputation, there are very few recordings dedicated to this repertoire, which is mostly excerpted in compilations. But Roberto Marini’s recital allows listeners and not only organists to grasp Peeters’ achievement in the round. A work such as the Toccata, Fugue and Hymn stretches the technique of even a virtuoso organist. By contrast, the ever-popular Aria belongs in the bench of every church organist in northern Europe.

Among the highlights here is a complete performance of the five-movement Lied Symphony, including substantially worked ‘songs’ to the ocean, the desert, the flowers, the mountains and finally the sun (another astonishingly vivid toccata). There is no presently available complete recording of the symphony, or of the expansive Vlaamse Rhapsodie, which makes Marini’s collection all the more indispensable for organ enthusiasts.


00:00:00 Vlaamse Rhapsodie, Op. 37
00:13:24 Suite Modale, Op. 43: I. Koraal
00:15:30 Suite Modale, Op. 43: II. Scherzo
00:19:30 Suite Modale, Op. 43: III. Adagio
00:24:12 Suite Modale, Op. 43: IV. Toccata
00:29:02 Aria, Op. 51
00:33:41 Elégie, Op. 38
00:40:27 Paraphrase on “Salve regina”, Op. 123
00:48:24 Lied-Symphony, Op. 66: I. Lied to the Ocean
00:57:26 Lied-Symphony, Op. 66: II. Lied to the Desert
01:02:51 Lied-Symphony, Op. 66: III. Lied to the Flowers
01:08:54 Lied-Symphony, Op. 66: IV. Lied to the Mountains
01:13:05 Lied-Symphony, Op. 66: V. Lied to the Sun
01:19:31 Toccata, fugue et hymne sur “ave Maris Stella”, Op. 28: I. Toccata
01:24:24 Toccata, fugue et hymne sur “ave Maris Stella”, Op. 28: II. Fugue
01:27:16 Toccata, fugue et hymne sur “ave Maris Stella”, Op. 28: III. Hymne
01:29:14 F Symphonic Fantasy on an Eastern Gregorian Alleluia, Op. 13
01:39:14 F3 Preludien und Fugen, Op. 72: I. Preludium und Fuge in F Major
01:45:10 3 Preludien und Fugen, Op. 72: II. Preludium und Fuge in F Minor
01:51:00 3 Preludien und Fugen, Op. 72: III. Preludium und Fuge in A Major
01:58:45 Variationen und Finale über ein altflämisches Lied, Op. 20
02:15:34 Sinfonia per organo, Op. 48: I. Allegro energico
02:23:22 Sinfonia per organo, Op. 48: II. Adagio
02:27:19 Sinfonia per organo, Op. 48: III. Fantasia
02:32:35 Sinfonia per organo, Op. 48: IV. Fuga

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