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This new recording presents Petrali’s Messa Solenne for organ, as well as a selection of 34 Etudes for the Modern Organ.
Played on 3 historical Lingiardi organs, dating from the time of composition of the music, instruments with which the composers was well acquainted, by organist Paolo Bottini, who already successfully recorded CDs for Brilliant Classics with keyboard works by Pescetti and Valeri.
The complete technical specifications of the organs are included in the booklet.

Composer: Vincenzo Petrali
Artists: Paolo Bottini (organ)

Vincenzo Petrali (1830-1889) was an organist-composer active in the north of Italy. Acclaimed in his own time as a master improviser, the equal in this regard to French contemporaries such as Guilmant and Widor, he left a small, beautifully crafted body of original work for ecclesiastical use, around a third of it presented on this new album. He wrote two organ Masses in the tradition of 17th-century Venetian school composers such as Merula and Merulo, in which each verse of the text and its associated Gregorian chant inspires an instrumental meditation: Paolo Bottini has recorded the lesser-known F major Mass, which includes an especially dramatic, march-like Sonata for the Offertory and an ebullient final Allegro festoso. language of his own time, drawing on both symphonic and operatic styles. However, he belonged to the Cecilian movement, exemplified by the sacred works of Mendelssohn, which sought to establish a new and distinctive idiom for church composition, which is heard to best effect in a quartet of Communion pieces at the end of CD1, which fully exploit the size and array of tone-colours available to him on the newly built instruments of the time.

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Vincenzo Petrali:
Messa solenne in F Major:
00:00:00 I. Preludio
Versetti per il kyrie:
00:03:47 I. Poco andante
00:06:11 II. Andantino
00:07:53 III. Andante mosso

Versetti per il Gloria:
00:10:07 I. Allegro pomposo
00:12:19 II. Andantino
00:15:38 III. Allegretto moderato
00:18:04 IV. Poco andante
00:20:53 V. Andantino religioso
00:24:15 VI. Allegretto grazioso
00:26:50 VII. Allegro vivo
00:29:31 Preludio per l’epistola, allegro molto moderato
00:34:31 Sonata per l’offertorio, poco adagio – Allegro
00:42:20 Elevazione, andante mosso
00:45:36 Sonata per la comunione, allegro moderato
00:50:18 Sonata finale, allegro festoso
00:54:42 Pastorale per l’elevazione, andantino
00:57:42 Sonata per la comunione in A Major, allegretto moderato
01:02:39 Andante per l’elevazione, andante
01:06:12 Marcia per dopo la messa, allegro marziale
Studi per l’organo moderno, libro 2. No. 15, studi per l’organo semplice:
01:08:54 I. Andante assai tranquillo
01:11:05 II. Andante religioso
01:12:36 III. Moderato
01:15:55 IV. Moderato assai
01:18:04 V. Allegretto grazioso
01:20:33 VI. Allegretto
01:22:02 VII. Adagio religioso
01:23:49 VIII. Andante cantabile
01:27:05 IX. Allegretto grazioso
01:30:23 X. Moderato marziale
01:31:58 XI. Allegro con fuoco
01:33:49 XII. Allegro vivo
01:35:47 XIII. Andantino cantabile
01:37:09 XIV. —
01:39:34 XV. Allegro vivace
Studi per l’organo modern, libro 1. No. 50 studi per il ripieno:
01:41:47 XXII. Andantino
01:42:50 XXIII. Allegretto
01:43:47 XXXIV. Andante mosso
01:45:10 XXXV. Allegro moderato
01:46:29 XXXVI. Adagio
01:47:45 XXXVII. Allegro
01:49:08 XXXVIII. Allegro
01:50:23 XXXIX. Adagio
01:51:47 XL. Allegro
01:52:56 XLI. Adagio
01:54:50 XLII. Allegro
01:56:05 XLIII. Andante
01:57:38 XLIV. Vivace
01:59:16 XLV. Moderato
02:01:08 XLVI. Moderato
02:02:53 XLVII. Allegro moderato
02:05:07 XLVIII. Andante sostenuto
02:07:13 XLIX. Adagio
02:09:31 L. Allegro

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