Piano Music Album | 4집 One Fine Day – Jeon Su Yeon (전수연)

Piano Music Album | 4집 One Fine Day – Jeon Su Yeon (전수연)
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Album: One Fine Day
Artist: Jeon Su Yeon (전수연)
Year: 2008
© 2008 Huks music

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►Track list:

0:00 반짝이는 그대에게 (To Sparking You)
0:52 Green Tea
3:28 One Fine Day
6:31 호랑이 장가가던 날 (Wedding Day of A Tiger)
9:53 꽃 반딧불이의 첫 외출 (Flower Lightning Beetles First Going Out)
10:57 너도 하늘말라리아 (You Are Haneulmalraria)
15:44 숲으로 간 거북이 (Turtle Going To Forest)
18:42 花.風.病 화풍병 Lovesickness (with Ocarina)
22:08 바람꽃 (Windflower)
25:24 White Candle (with Cello)
29:02 소풍가는 날 (A Day That Go on A Picnic)
32:14 In The Moonlight
36:10 Walk & Run
38:42 One Fine Day (with Guitar)
41:44 花.風.病 화풍병 Lovesickness (Piano solo)

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