Piano Music Album | Moonlight Dreams – The Daydream (데이드림)

Piano Music Album | Moonlight Dreams – The Daydream (데이드림)
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Album: Moonlight Dreams
Artist: The Daydream (데이드림)
Year: 2012
© 2012 Huks music

►Track list:

0:00:00 Moonlight Dreams
0:03:39 Shiny Tomorrow
0:05:47 Irony
0:11:55 Rainy Scent
0:21:31 Graduation
0:25:44 For Steve Jobs
0:31:21 Little Smile
0:33:41 So Far Away
0:36:09 Secret Stairs
0:43:54 Nocturne In Autumn
0:47:23 Farewell
0:51:31 My Sunshine
0:57:24 Stepping On The Rainy Street – Allegro
1:04:37 Stepping On The Rainy Street – Andante
1:12:09 Silence

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