Rachmaninoff: Chopin Variations & Piano Sonata

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Two rarely played pianistic masterworks by Rachmaninoff. The first Piano Sonata and the Chopin Variations suffer unjustly from the fame of their elder brothers (resp. The second Piano Sonata and the Corelli Variations), yet they are truly the works of the same genius, in their broad and expansive romantic language, their pianistic glittering and bravura and their true Russian Soul.

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Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Artist: Zlata Chochieva (piano)

This album contains the Chopin Variations and Piano Sonata No. 1 Rachmaninoff, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

They are close to the heart of the Russian pianist Zlata Chochieva, who made with these pieces an impressive debut on Piano Classics. Zlata’s technique knows no limits, but it is her exquisite musical taste, her innate melodic feeling and sweeping passion that impresses her audience most deeply. The winner of several important Piano Competitions she embarks on an international career. Stephen Kovacevich said of her: “Zlata Chochieva is one of the most interesting and unusual pianists of today. She has superb technical abilities, but it is her personal intuition in the music she plays that is special…I would be interested to hear anything she does, and that is rare…”.

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Variations on a Theme of Chopin in C Minor, Op. 22:
0:00:00 I. Theme. Largo
0:01:13 II. Variation 1. Moderato
0:01:56 III. Variation 2. Allegro
0:02:11 IV. Variation 3
0:02:26 V. Variation 4
0:03:16 VI. Variation 5. Meno mosso
0:03:40 VII. Variation 6. Meno mosso
0:04:43 VIII. Variation 7. Allegro
0:05:01 IX. Variation 8
0:05:22 X. Variation 9
0:05:42 XI. Variation 10. Più vivo
0:06:13 XII. Variation 11. Lento
0:07:40 XIII. Variation 12. Moderato
0:09:46 XIV. Variation 13. Largo
0:11:01 XV. Variation 14. Moderato
0:12:21 XVI. Variation 15. Allegro scherzando
0:13:44 XVII. Variation 16. Lento
0:14:53 XVIII. Variation 17. Grave
0:16:27 XIX. Variation 18. Più mosso
0:17:18 XX. Variation 19. Allegro vivace
0:18:29 XXI. Variation 20. Presto
0:19:36 XXII. Variation 21. Andante-più vivo
0:22:13 XXIII. Variation 22. Maestoso

Piano Sonata No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 28:
0:27:04 I. Allegro moderato
0:39:09 II. Lento
0:47:16 III. Allegro molto

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