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For Ravel, the piano was an orchestra in a box, with the capacity for almost infinite variety of tone colour and rhythmic subtlety.

Composer: Maurice Ravel
Artists: Michelangelo Carbonara (piano)

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Maurice Ravel, while famous for his orchestral scores, and acknowledged as one of the great orchestrators also produced some of greatest piano works of the 20th century. Although he was no more than a fair pianist, his scores abound with very clear and precise instructions on how the work should be played – dynamics, tempi, phrasing and expression all must be clearly adhered to if the performer wishes to avoid coming to grief. These instructions brought him into conflict with some artists – including Toscanini, but most notably with his friend Ricardo Vines, who said that to play ‘Le Gibet’ from Gaspard de la Nuit as Ravel instructed would bore the audience to death. ‘I do not want to be interpreted, I want to be played’ was the uncompromising answer.

The piano is the scene of some of his earliest music (the Menuet grotesque), some of his most simply affecting (the Pavane pour une infante défunte), his most spine-chilling (Gaspard de la Nuit) and his most charming (Tombeau de Couperin, written in memory of friends who perished in the First World War). All of it is here, and in a chronological order that enables the listener to follow Ravel’s own creative journey.

Michelangelo Carbonara is among the most outstanding of young Italian pianists. This was his first recording for Brilliant Classics: he is renowned in the central Austro-German repertoire but also specialises in the music of Polish composers from Chopin to Lutoslawski.

0:00:00 Serenade Grotesque
0:03:20 Menuet Antique
0:09:31 Pavane Pour Une infante defunte
0:15:55 Jeux D’eau
0:21:43 Sonatine : I. Modere
0:25:50 Sonatine : II. Mouvement de Menuet
0:28:57 Sonatine : III. Anime
0:32:57 Menuet En Ut Diese Mineur
0:34:11 Miroirs: Noctuelles
0:39:16 Miroirs: Oiseaux Tristes
0:43:26 Miroirs: Une Barque Sur L’ Ocean
0:51:23 Miroirs: Alborada del Gracioso
0:58:04 Miroirs: La vallee des Cloches
1:04:05 Gaspard de La Nuit: I. Ondine
1:11:00 Gaspard de La Nuit: II. Le Gibet
1:18:27 Gaspard de La Nuit: III. Scarbo
1:28:28 Menuet Sur Le Nom de Haydin
1:30:09 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales
1:31:27 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales
1:34:03 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales
1:35:28 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales
1:36:38 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales
1:37:51 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales
1:38:31 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales
1:41:11 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales
1:45:28 Prelude
1:47:44 A La maniere de …: Borodine
1:49:28 A La maniere de …: Chabrier
1:51:28 Le Tombeau de Couperin: I. Prelude
1:54:41 Le Tombeau de Couperin: II. Fugue
1:58:11 Le Tombeau de Couperin: III. Forlane
2:04:46 Le Tombeau de Couperin: IV. Rigaudon
2:08:08 Le Tombeau de Couperin: V. Menuet
2:12:37 Le Tombeau de Couperin: VI Toccata

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