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This new recording presents Rebay’s works for guitar, flute and clarinet, an unusual combination. These compositions show Rebay’s compositional style: the music is innovative and challenging, and the guitar is a fully integrated member of the chamber ensemble, rather than a soloist accompanied by the other instruments. Played by the Italian Esteso Trio, an ensemble specialized in the research and performance of neglected chamber music.

Composers: Ferdinand Rebay
Artists: Esteso Trio: Marcello Fantoni (guitar), Carlo Enrico Sandrini (clarinet), Alessandra Alfonsi (flute)

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The dates are deceptive: the Viennese composer Ferdinand Rebay (1880-1953) remained largely unaffected by the turbulent musical currents swirling around him in the Austrian capital during the early 20th century. Instead, he composed highly appealing music, Romantic in harmony and Classical in form, with a particular focus on the guitar. Brilliant Classics have brought his name back to light in recent years with modern recordings of the duets for clarinet and guitar (BC94171), the quartets for guitar, flute and strings (BC9250) and the sonatas for flute and guitar (BC9291).

In a similar vein, the Italian Esteso Trio now presents three variation sets scored for clarinet, flute and guitar. The first of them is based on an Austrian folksong and conceived as a series of homages to Rebay’s Viennese forebears: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Johann Strauss. The second takes a Tirolean folksong for inspiration and Rebay supplied his own theme for the third, again popular in character and ending with an ebullient Scherzo.

Mein schönes Innsbruck am grünen Inn, FRWV IV 4/6:
00:00:00 Thema Langsames Marsch-Zeitmaß
00:00:50 I. Var. Graziös bewegt
00:01:57 II. Var. Menuett-Zeitmaß
00:03:10 III. Var. Sehr langsam
00:05:34 IV. Var. Im Zeitmaß des Liedes „Die Forelle“
00:07:25 V. Var. Walzer Zeitmaß
00:08:21 Wie in Erinnerung versunken

Trio in A Major, FRWV IV 5/10, Meiner lieben Gerta! Ostern 1941:
00:09:28 I. Satz Allegro moderato
00:16:50 II. Satz Ruhig, mit Ausdruck
00:21:54 III. Satz Presto
00:25:36 IV. Satz. Finale. Allegretto con moto

Variations on a Tirolean Tune, FRWV IV 5/11/IV:
00:30:33 Thema Marschmäßig bewegt
00:31:22 I. Var. Gut bewegt
00:32:13 II. Var. Im selben Zeitmaß
00:33:00 III. Var. Sehr lebhaft bewegt
00:34:31 IV. Var. Ruhiges Zeitmaß
00:36:33 V. Var. Walzer-Zeitmaß
00:37:33 VI. Var. Langsam
00:39:27 VII. Var. Frisches Marsch-Zeitmaß

Small Spanish Rhapsodie, FRWV IV 5/12/IV, Für meine liebe Gerta!:
00:41:16 I. Tempo di marcia
00:42:47 II. Allegretto grazioso
00:44:14 III. Moderato
00:45:20 IV. Lento
00:47:10 V. Tempo di bolero

Variations, FRWV IV 5/13/IV:
00:49:21 Thema Im Volkston. Ruhig und ausdrucksvoll
00:50:27 I. Var. Ein wenig bewegter als das Zeitmaß des Themas
00:51:39 II. Var. Im Zeitmaß des Thema’s Ruhig und sehr ausdrucksvoll
00:52:55 III. Var. Innig bewegt, aber ruhiges Zeitmaß!
00:54:12 IV. Var. Lebhaft bewegt
00:55:03 V. Var. Langsam
00:57:14 VI. Var. a la Menuett
00:58:26 VII. Var. Graziös bewegt
00:59:40 VIII. Var. Etwas elegisch
01:01:38 IX. Var. Ruhiges Walzer Zeitmaß
01:02:29 X. Var. Lebhaft bewegt
01:03:46 XI. Var. (rubato)
01:07:55 XII. Var. Scherzo Sehr lebhaft

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