Riley ‘in C’ (Performed by Jeroen van Veen)

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Composer: Terry Riley
Artist: Jeroen van Veen

About this Album:
From ‘the man who records faster than his shadow’ a multitracked version of Terry Riley’s toolkit of minimalism, recorded over just two days by Jeroen van Veen on piano and a variety of electronic keyboards. The layers were then edited and superimposed to create the particular, hypnotic quality of the piece’s development.

Jeroen van Veen has won acclaim for his many Brilliant Classics recordings of minimalism, including his own music, but also the piano oeuvres of Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and Ludovico Einaudi: a testament both to the variety of styles to be found under the minimalist umbrella but also to van Veen’s ready mastery of those styles. There are many recordings of In C, but almost none at budget price: this release is sure to receive wide critical and popular attention.

Terry Riley is one of the founders of the Minimalist Movement. His most famous and ground breaking work, “In C”, is based on structured interlocking repetitive patterns, creating a hypnotic, multi-layered aural sensation, which inspired many compoers and musicians after him.
On this recording Jeroen van Veen used two grand pianos, 3 electronic keyboards, clavichord, 4 synthesizers, and several other instruments, recording the layers one by one.
Another fascinating issue by Jeroen van Veen, Dutch champion of Minimal Music. His earlier issue (Pärt, Glass, Einaudi, Satie, Minimalists) are worldwide bestsellers!
The liner notes are written by Jeroen van Veen.

00:00:00 In C: I. Part 1
00:06:11 In C: II. Part 2
00:10:03 In C: III. Part 3
00:17:52 In C: IV. Part 4
00:24:29 In C: V. Part 5
00:33:2 In C: VI. Part 6
00:43:52 In C: VII. Part 7
00:47:13 In C: VIII. Part 8
00:53:49 In C: IX. Part 9
01:01:30 In C: X. Part 10
01:05:03 In C: XI. Part 11
01:13:52 In C: XII. Part 12

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