Romantic Guitar Duets

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Composer: Caspar Joseph Mertz, Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, Pietro Pettoletti
Artist: Peter Pieters, Micheline Dumortier

This delightful double-album features two historic “Terz” guitars, from the first half of the 19th century. The “Terz” guitar (read everything about it in the informative booklet) is smaller, with an intimate sound, and a higher register. It was much in use in the romantic era, and the repertoire features popular music from that time: Fantaisies and Divertissements of Fernando Sor, Rondo and Grand Pot-Pourri of Giuliani and works of Pettoletti and Caspar Joseph Mertz: all very pleasing, charming music, played with taste and delicacy by the Belgian Duo.

00:00:00 Les deux amis, Fantaisie, Op. 41: Introduction (andante-largo) – Tema (andantino) – variations 1-5-Mazurka
00:16:22 L’encouragement, Fantaisie, Op. 34: Cantabile – Tema (andantino) – variations 1-3-Valse
00:29:48 Souvenir de Russie, Fantaisie, Op. 63: Introduction (andante moderato) – Tema-variations 1-9-Allegretto
00:43:19 Divertissement, Op. 38: Andante moderato-andantino-Valse
00:51:49 Fantaisie, Op. 54: Andante-allegro-andantino-dans le genre espagnol (allegro)
01:02:56 Rondo Op. 66: Allegretto
01:06:48 Rondo Op. 66: Grazioso
01:12:17 Rondo Op. 66: Allegretto
01:18:49 Nänien (Funeral Songs): Am Grabe der Geliebten
01:24:10 Nänien (Funeral Songs): Ich denke dein
01:29:41 Nänien (Funeral Songs): Trauermarsch
01:34:41 Fantaisie sur un motif favori de Bellini, Op. 22
01:39:52 Gran Pot-Pourri, Op. 67
01:54:50 Unruhe
01:57:52 Ständchen
02:04:18 Mazurka
02:07:52 Tarantella


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