Scarlatti: 42 Sonatas

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Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Artists: Michelangelo Carbonara (piano)

A selection from the 600 sontas by Domenico Scarlatti (1685 – 1757) that illustrate two facets of his musical personality. The first part depicts the genius of the composer – some of his greatest and most remarkable sonatas have been selected by Carbonara. These works illustrate the exploratory and innovative nature of the sonatas. The second part gathers together a selection of sonatas that illustrate the gambler, or the reckless side of the composer. These sonatas are just as innovative as those on the first part, but there is a devil may care craziness to some of the music.


00:00:00 DSonata K158 in C Minor: Andante
00:03:10 Sonata K461 in C Major: Allegro
00:06:33 Sonata K124 in G Major: Allegro
00:09:37 Sonata K308 in C Major: Cantabile
00:12:33 Sonata K50 in F Minor: Allegro
00:16:36 Sonata K544 in B-Flat Major: Cantabile
00:18:54 Sonata K135 in E Major: Allegro
00:21:59 Sonata K497 in B Minor: Allegro
00:25:22 Sonata K219 in A Major: Andante
00:27:57 Sonata K312 in D Major: Allegro
00:30:53 Sonata K109 in A Minor:Adagio
00:35:40 Sonata K319 in F-Sharp Major: Allegro
00:38:31 Sonata K394 in E Minor: Allegro
00:41:38 Sonata K270 in C Major
00:45:57 Sonata K184 in F Minor: Allegro
00:48:59 Sonata K147 in E Minor
00:53:12 Sonata K82 in F Major
00:55:28 Sonata K193 in E-Flat Major: Allegro
00:59:01 Sonata K61 in A Minor
01:01:47 Sonata K262 in B Major: viVo
01:04:37 Sonata K427 in G Major: Presto quanto sia possibile
01:07:01 Sonata K127 in A-Flat Major: Allegro
01:10:38 Sonata K115 in C Minor: Allegro
01:14:07 Sonata K206 in E Major: Andante
01:18:45 Sonata K138 in D Minor: Allegro
01:21:47 Sonata K202 in B-Flat Major: Allegro
01:25:29 Sonata K208 in A Major: Adagio e cantabile
01:28:32 Sonata K209 in A Major: Allegro
01:31:36 Sonata K391 in G Major: Allegro
01:34:14 Sonata K69 in F Minor
01:38:11 Sonata K6 in F Major: Allegro
01:40:28 Sonata K126 in C Minor
01:43:47 Sonata K132 in C Major: Cantabile
01:47:49 Sonata K205 in F Major: viVo
01:51:23 Sonata K296 in F Major: Andante
01:56:57 Sonata K12 in G Minor: Presto
01:59:58 Sonata K95 in C Major: (slow version)
02:02:55 Sonata K95 in C Major: (fast version)
02:04:17 Sonata K32 in D Minor:Aria
02:06:14 Sonata K417 in D Minor: Allegro Moderato
02:10:43 Sonata K513 in C Major: Moderato e molto allegro – Presto
02:13:26 Sonata K462 in F Minor: Andante

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