Schoenberg: Gurrelieder

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Composer & Artist:
Composer: Arnold Schoenberg
Artists: Rundfunkchor Berlin, Rundfunkchor Leipzig, Prager Mannerchor, Dresdner Philharmonie , Herbert Kegel (conductor)

Gurrelieder is a gigantic, post-Wagnerian cantata that, in retrospect, seems like the terminus ante quem for Romanticism in music, beyond which further elaboration or intensity was surely impossible, and led surely if not inevitably to the Expressionism which the prodigious Schoenberg felt compelled to explore in works such as Erwartung, and thence, infamously, to the 12-tone system of musical composition from which, at least superficially, the work appears so distant in form and idiom.

The composer was just 26 when he began work on a song-cycle, which in its fully orchestrated form became the first part of Gurrelieder, based on a poem within a novel by the Danish novelist, naturalist and atheist Jens Peter Jacobsen, which the author in turn had based on folk-legends of the medieval King Waldemar – who, having taken a mistress, Tove, is driven to bitter madness by Tove’s murder at the behest of his wife, condemns God and is in turn condemned to terrorise the land in ghostly form with his band of vassals until the passing of the seasons and the rising of the sun bestows the kind of redemption offered to the Flying Dutchman.

00:00:00 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: Prelude. Mäßig bewegt
00:08:03 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: I. Nun dämpft die Dämm’rung (Waldemar)
00:12:32 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: II. O, wenn des Mondes Strahlen (Tove)
00:16:03 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: III. Roß! Mein Roß! (Waldemar)
00:19:19 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: IV. Sterne jubeln (Tove)
00:22:32 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: V. So tanzen die Engel vor Gottes Thron nicht (Waldemar)
00:25:35 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: VI. Nun sag ich dir zum ersten Mal (Tove)
00:30:20 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: VII. Es ist Mitternachtzeit (Waldemar)
00:37:06 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: VIII. Du sendest mir einen Liebesblick (Tove)
00:43:18 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: IX. Du wunderliche Tove! (Waldemar)
00:47:59 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: Interlude
00:55:50 Gurre-Lieder, Part 1: X. Tauben von Gurre! (Voice of the WoOd Dove)
01:08:29 Gurre-Lieder, Part 2: Herrgott, weißt du, was du tatest (Waldemar)
01:13:54 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: I. Erwacht, König Waldemars Mannen wert! (Waldemar)
01:16:48 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: II. Deckel des Sarges klappert (Farmer)
01:20:03 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: III. Gegrüßt, o König (Waldemar’s Men)
01:26:28 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: IV. Mit Toves Stimme flüstert der Wald (Waldemar)
01:29:48 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: V. Ein seltsamer Vogel ist so’n Aal (Klaus Narr)
01:36:37 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: VI. Du strenger Richter droben (Waldemar)
01:39:21 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: VII. Der Hahn erhebt den Kopf zur kraht (Waldemar’s Men)
01:46:12 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: Des Sommerwindes wilde Jagd, Prelude. Langsam
01:49:28 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: VIII. Herr Gänsefuß, Frau Gänsekraut (Speaker)
01:55:15 Gurre-Lieder, Part 3: IX. Seht die Sonne (Mixed Chorus)

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