Schumann: Papillons, Davidsbündlertänze, Arabeske

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This album contains the Papillons and Davidbündlertänze by Schumann, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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In these two works Schumann presents his inner world of characters of the fictitious “Davidsbund”, based on the novels of Jean-Paul, featuring such diverse personalities as Florestan, Eusebius, Estrella, Chiara, characters with which Schumann identifies his own opposing characteristics. Florestan is his fiery, heroic and impulsive side, Eusebius is his tender, reflective and dreamy side.

A very personal account of two of Schumann masterworks, the Papillons and Davidbündlertänze. Denys Proshayev plunges deep into this dreamlike world, letting his fantasy run free on the whims of Schumann “fantastic” outpourings. Denys Proshayev playing is totally free and spontaneous, while never losing the logical thread of the musical discourse. Denys Proshayev was born in 1978 in Russia, his most important teacher was Vladimir Krainev. Among his many successes at International Piano Competitions is the First Prize at the ARD Competition in Germany.

Composer: Robert Schumann
Artist: Denys Proshayev (piano)

Brilliant Classics:


Papillons, Op. 2:
00:00:00 I. Introduzione
00:00:15 II. Moderato
00:00:59 III. Prestissimo
00:01:24 IV. Viertel = 120
00:02:04 V. Presto
00:02:48 VI. Viertel = 80
00:04:32 VII. Viertel = 72
00:05:24 VIII. Semplice
00:06:15 IX. Viertel = 132
00:07:22 X. Prestissimo
00:08:08 XI. Vivo
00:10:14 XII. Viertel = 112
00:12:41 XIII. Finale

Davidsbündlertänze, Op. 6:
00:15:04 I. Lebhaft
00:16:38 II. Innig
00:18:32 III. Mit Humor
00:19:59 IV. Ungeduldig
00:20:52 V. Einfach
00:22:36 VI. Sehr rasch
00:24:25 VII. Nicht schnell
00:29:33 VIII. Frisch
00:30:31 IX. Lebhaft
00:32:43 X. Balladenmässig, sehr rasch
00:34:10 XI. Einfach
00:35:43 XII. Mit Humor
00:36:30 XIII. Wild und lustig
00:39:57 XIV. Zart und singend
00:42:38 XV. Frisch
00:44:38 XVI. Mit gutem Humor
00:46:07 XVII. Wie aus der Ferne
00:50:15 XVIII. Nicht schnell

00:52:09 Arabeske, Op. 18: Leicht und zart

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