Scottish fiddle tunes: Languor of Love, Reels & Ruffian’s Rant | Augusta McKay Lodge, baroque violin

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A live concert recorded from home, featuring Augusta McKay Lodge (baroque violin) in her apartment in Paris, France. Augusta has been working with Voices of Music to create video content from her apartment during the global crisis, using her Samsung phone in 4k video and a Shure MV88+ mic.
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Set of Scottish Fiddle tunes:
Languor of Love, Simon Fraser
Ruffian’s Rant, Robert Bremner
Lord Eglinton’s Reel, Bremner
Duchess of Hamilton’s Reel, Daniel Dow
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‘Languor of Love’ is a slow air and is the very first tune in the Captain Simon Fraser collection of 1815, ‘The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles’. The Collection has both the English names as well as the Scottish Gaelic names of the tunes. This tune is also called ‘Tha mi tinn leis a ghoal’. The Strathspey tune ‘Ruffian’s Rant’ first appears in Robert Bremner’s Scots Reels or Country Dances (1757). Robert Bremner (c1713-89) was famous for publishing the first collection of specifically Scottish dance music (1757-61).
You can find the music here:

Ruffian’s Rant is also known as ‘Roy’s wife of Aldivalloch’ written by Mrs Grant and Robert Burns wrote the song ‘Canst thou leave me thus, my Katie’ to the same tune. Other names this tune is known by: Ben Nevis, Am Caimbeulach Dubh, Coig na Scalan, I’m Over Young to Marry Yet/I’m Owre Young to Marry Yet, Kilt is My Delight, Lady Francis Wemys’ Reel, Old Virginia Reel.
You can find the music here:


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