Scriabin: Complete Études

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Composer: Alexander Scriabin
Artists: Dmitri Alexeev (piano)

About this Album:
Scriabin’s Études span the whole of his composing career, marking a highly transitional period in classical music. From a very young age, Scriabin wrote miniatures for the piano, and his early Chopin-esque compositions earned him the nickname ‘the Russian Chopin’ – frustrating for the young composer who was eager to look beyond the established forms of waltzes and mazurkas. While many of the earlier Études bear hallmarks of the Romantic era, Scriabin soon began to explore his own unique tonality, starting from Op.42 with its noticeable use of tritones, and later when he centred on the so-called ‘Mystic’ chord, based around perfect and augmented fourths. Scriabin himself struggled for years with his piano technique, after he injured his hand permanently by over-practising notoriously virtuosic works by Liszt and Balakirev. This didn’t stop him writing technically challenging music for the piano, with thrillingly fast runs in parallel ninths and fifths and his trademark cross-rhythms in each hand.

00:00:00 Pieces, Op. 2: I. Étude in C-Sharp Minor. Andante
00:03:01 Pieces, Op. 2: II. Prélude in B Major
00:03:48 Pieces, Op. 2: III. Impromptu à la Mazur in C Major
00:05:37 Etudes, Op. 8: I. Etude in C-Sharp. Allegro
00:07:24 Etudes, Op. 8: II. Etude in F-Sharp Minor. A capriccio, con forza
00:09:33 Etudes, Op. 8: III. Etude in B Minor. Tempestoso
00:11:42 Etudes, Op. 8: IV. Etude in B Major. Piacevole
00:13:35 Etudes, Op. 8: V. Etude in E Major. Brioso
00:16:30 Etudes, Op. 8: VI. Etude in A Major. Con grazia
00:18:17 Etudes, Op. 8: VII. Etude in B-Flat Minor. Presto tenebroso, agitato
00:20:20 Etudes, Op. 8: VIII. Etude in A-Flat Major. Lento, tempo rubato
00:24:17 Etudes, Op. 8: IX. Etude in G-Sharp Minor. Alla balata
00:29:25 Etudes, Op. 8: X. Etude in D-Flat Major. Allegro
00:31:33 Etudes, Op. 8: XI. Etude in B-Flat Minor. Andante cantabile
00:36:18 Etudes, Op. 8: XII. Etude in D-Sharp Minor. Patetico
00:39:09 Preludes, Op. 22: I. Prelude in G-Sharp Minor. Andante
00:40:34 Preludes, Op. 22: II. Prelude in C-Sharp Minor. Andante
00:41:34 Preludes, Op. 22: III. Prelude in B Major. Allegretto
00:42:40 Preludes, Op. 22: IV. Prelude in B Minor. Andantino
00:44:05 Etudes, Op. 42: I. Etude in D-Flat Major. Presto
00:46:19 Etudes, Op. 42: II. Etude in F-Sharp Minor
00:47:27 Etudes, Op. 42: III. Etude in F-Sharp. Prestissimo
00:48:35 Etudes, Op. 42: IV. Etude in F-Sharp. Andante
00:51:10 Etudes, Op. 42: V. Etude in C-Sharp Minor. Affannato
00:54:28 Etudes, Op. 42: VI. Etude in D-Flat Major. Esaltato
00:56:29 Etudes, Op. 42: VII. Etude in F Minor. Agitato
00:57:48 Etudes, Op. 42: IX. Etude in E-Flat Major. Allegro
01:00:39 Quasi valse in F Major, Op. 47
01:02:28 Pieces, Op. 49: I. Etude in E-Flat Major
01:03:18 Pieces, Op. 56: IV. Etude
01:03:53 Poèmes, Op. 69: I. Allegretto
01:05:58 Poèmes, Op. 69: II. Allegretto
01:07:32 Etudes, Op. 65: I. Allegro fantastic
01:11:06 Etudes, Op. 65: II. Allegretto
01:13:25 Etudes, Op. 65: III. Molto vivace

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