Sor: Complete Fantasias for Guitar

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Composer: Fernando Sor
Artists: Stefano Palamidessi (guitar)

About this Album:
Fernando Sor (1778-1839) deepens in his own studies at the historical monastery of Montserrat his knowledge of the vocal and instrumental polyphonic heritage of the previous centuries. While studying counterpoint, harmony, singing and organ, Sor practises the repertory of composers such as Gabrieli, Vecchi, Willaert, Frescobaldi, Sweelinck, thus assimilating the stylistic development of the organ Fantasy to the point of the extreme consequences in the Bachian art. In his home country Spain, Sor plays all the important productions for pizzicato (“plucked”) string instruments – in the first place la vihuela , which specific use had generated new and more stylized polyphonic models – : therefore the works of composers such as Mudarra, de Fuenllana, Milan and de Narvaez have equally contributed to the education of Sor.

From a more strict and formal point of view, the Fantasies of Sor converge into the tendency of the developing concert phenomenon which is inherent to the first half of the nineteenth century, we can refer to great coeval virtuosos such as Kalkbrenner, Bertini, Field and Thalberg.

00:00:00 Fantasia No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 7: Largo non tanto – Andante with Variations (dedicated to Ignaz Pleyel)
00:07:04 Fantasia No. 2 in A Major, Op. 4: Andante Largo – Rondo allegretto
00:18:35 Fantasia No. 3 in F Major, Op. 10: Andante largo – Andante cantabile with Variations
00:19:56 Fantasia No. 4 in C Major, Op. 12: Larghetto cantabile – Andante con moto with Variations (dedicated to Frederic Kalkbrenner)
00:24:36 Sérénade in E Major, Op. 37: Andante cantabile – Andantino – Allegretto – Allegretto
00:30:06 Fantasia No. 5 in C Major, Op. 16: Andante largo – Andantino cantabile with Variations on Paisiello’s ‘Nel cor più non mi sento’
00:34:12 Fantasia n. 6 ‘Les adieux!’ in E Minor, Op. 21: Andante largo – Un poco mosso (Dedicated to Francesco Vaccari)
00:54:11 Fantasia n. 7 in E Minor, Op. 30: Introduction, lentement – Allegretto with Variations, lentement – Allegretto (Dedicated to Denis Aguado)
00:58:31 Fantasia in D Major on a Schottish Theme, Op. 40: Introduction, andante moderato – Theme with Variations
01:00:08 Fantasia in A Major ‘Souvenir d’amitié’, Op. 46: Andante Moderao – Andantino – Allegretto (Dedicated to Jules Regondi)
01:02:07 Caprice in E Major ‘La Calme’, Op. 50: Andante
01:08:32 Fantasia villageoise in A Minor, Op. 52: Andantino – Appel, danse allegro – Prière (Dedicated to Denis Aguado)
01:12:12 Morceau de concert in D Major, Op. 54: Introduction, Andante largo – Andante with Variations – Allegro
01:16:06 Fantasia ‘Souvenirs d’une soirée à Berlin’ in D Major, Op. 56: Andante – Allegro, mouvement de valse
01:20:06 Fantasia in A Minor, Op. 58: Introduction, andante largo – Andante – Mouvement de valse
01:22:09 Fantasia in D Minor, Op. Posth.: Introduction, andante largo – Andantino – Allegretto vivace
01:33:44 Fantasia elegiaca in E Minor, Op. 59: Introduction, Andante largo – Marche funébre, andante moderato

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