Spanish Classical Music | 17th Century Music From The Spanish Territories

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Composers: Antonio de Cabezón, Andrea Falconieri, Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde, Bernardo Storace, Francesco Corbetta, Gaspar Sanz, Girolamo Montesardo, Santiago de Murcia
Artists: Cordevento, Erik Bosgraaf (recorders), Izhar Elias (baroque guitars), Alessandro Pianu (harpsichord & organ)

This collection draws directly from the works of Italian and Spanish guitarists Girolamo Montesardo, Carlo Calvi, Gaspar Sanz, Santiago de Murcia and Francesco Corbetta, keyboard players Antonio de Cabezón, Bernardo Storace, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and Pieter de Vois, and authors of solo and chamber music for a variety of other instruments, Andrea Falconieri, Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde and Jacob van Eyck.

Emblem and ambassador of Spanish culture, it is the guitar that threads the story together, intrinsically intertwined with the Spanish fondness for variation sets on harmonic grounds. Spain’s imperial history explains the wide geographical variety of composers, though even the Dutch Sweelinck seeks to bring local colour to his sober Low Countries aesthetic in his Pavana Hispanica. Elsewhere there are variations on the perennially popular ‘La Follia’, jolly Correntes and tarantellas, and more sinuous diferencias and intabulations of love-songs. They are all performed by a trio of young and talented musicians who bring great rhythmic vitality and a freshly imaginative approach to this inventive act of reconstruction.

00:00:00 Corriente dicha la Cuella
01:03:16 La Suave Melodia, y su corrente
00:04:00 Il Rosso, brando
00:04:50 Sinfonia a due
00:07:24 Tarantelas
00:10:53 Canzon terza
00:16:22 Pavane de Spanje
00:17:57 Pavana hispanica
00:20:30 Corrente dicha l’Avellina
00:21:27 Il Spiritillo, brando
00:22:26 Alemana dicha Villega
00:24:35 Follie in
00:27:26 La Monarcha
00:31:23 Follia
00:35:42 Corrente
00:36:44 Repicavan
00:38:49 Canzon seconda
00:41:50 Diferencias sobre la pavana italiana
00:45:06 La Esfachata de Nápoles
00:45:53 La Cavalleria de Nápoles, con dos clarines
00:48:38 La Benedetta
00:50:46 La Prudenza, corrente
00:51:58 Corriente dicha la Mota, echa para D. Pedro dela Mota
00:53:00 Brando dicho el Melo
00:54:18 Pavaniglia


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