Sturla: Passio di Venerdi Santo

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Composer: Carlo Sturla
Artists: Il Concento Ecclesiastico, Luca Franco Ferrari (conductor)

About this Album:
We don’t know much about Carlo Sturla, not even the dates of his birth and death, and he is absent from Google – quite an achievement! The sole reference to him is in the register of the Convent of Santa Brigida belonging to the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Sturla worked here, but apparently his assiduous attendance upon and training of the young women under his tutelage was viewed with some suspicion.

His Passio di Venerdi di Venerdi di Santo displays a thorough appreciation of contemporary Genovese opera, with recitatives reserved for the dramatic content as was the fashion at the time. The arias therefore do not depict the drama and action, but relay rather vague emotions and feelings. His vocal writing requires agility, and the mocking chorus depicting the crowd reveal a theatrical yearning. The style is simple and the musical writing is linear, but the overall effect is one of delicate lyricism, and graceful but never excessive virtuosity.

This work was probably composed for Holy Week, and any religious establishment that boasted its own choir would often commission local composers to provide music for the services during this busy week. Sturla and his young choir would have been ideal candidates for such a task.

00:00:00 Cantus firmus: Passio Domini Nostri
00:01:49 Coro: Iesum Nazarenum!
00:02:34 Cantus firmus: Dicit eis Iesus
00:03:35 Recitativo: Iesum Nazarenum!
00:04:17 Cantus firmus: Ut impleretur sermo
00:06:54 Aria: Numquid et tu
00:07:52 Cantus firmus / Recitativo: Dicit ille / Non sum
00:09:54 Aria: Sic respondes pontifici?
00:10:37 Cantus firmus: Respondit ei Iesus
00:11:38 Coro: Numquid et tu
00:12:50 Cantus firmus / Recitativo: Negavit ille / Non sum
00:13:17 Aria: Nonne ego te vidi
00:14:28 Coro: Ave, rex Iudaeorum
00:15:10 Aria: Ecce adduco vobis
00:16:50 Cantus firmus / Recitativo: Exivit ergo Iesus / Ecce homo
00:17:40 Coro: Crucufige, crucifige eum!
00:19:38 Recitativo / Aria: Accipite eum vos / Ego enim non invenio
00:20:32 Cantus firmus / Coro: Responderunt ei / Nos legem habemus
00:21:46 Cantus firmus / Recitativo: Cum ergo audisset / Unde es tu?
00:25:11 Coro: Si hunc dimittis
00:26:51 Cantus firmus / Recitativo: Pilatus autem / Ecce rex vester
00:27:49 Coro: Tolle, tolle crucifige
00:29:17 Cantus firmus / Recitativo: Dicit eis / Regem vestrum
00:31:48 Coro: Non habemus regem
00:32:50 Cantus firmus: Tunc ergo tradidit
00:33:18 Duetto: Noli scrivere rex Iudaeorum
00:36:16 Cantus firmus: Respondit Pilatus
00:37:32 Coro: Non scindamus eam

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