Tartini: Violin Concertos D80, 96 & 125, Violin Sonata “Devil’s Thrill”

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Musical anniversary celebrations have inevitably been curtailed in 2020, and overshadowed by Beethoven, but Giuseppe Tartini was renowned throughout Europe as the pre-eminent genius of the violin – not only as a performer but as a composer of works which demonstrated his extraordinary gifts, and as a teacher who welcomed students from across Europe to his home in the north-Italian city of Padova, where they learnt every sophistication in the art of violin playing; not only virtuoso trickery but the sustaining of a true legato like a great singer.

Composer: Giuseppe Tartini
Artists: Guilio Plotino baroque violin & direction
L’Accademia della Rosa

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Tartini’s concertos have laid down the gauntlet to great violinists down the ages, even if many of them have been forgotten and only recently revived. Now Giulio Plotino joins their number, selecting three of the best-known concertos to complement what is still Tartini’s best-known work, the ‘Devil’s Trill’ Sonata whose title and fearsomely intricate figuration was apparently inspired – almost diabolically dictated – by a dream of the composer’s.
The concertos chosen for this recording, from among the 125 or so in the Dounias catalogue, conform to the traditional quick-slow-quick construction. In contrast to the Vivaldian template, however, Tartini integrates the material of the opening tutti within the solo passages, and shuns passagework of sequences even in the outer movements, but most particularly in the solemn and tender slow movements, where Tartini the technician gives way to Tartini the singer and the maestro di capella, composing for himself and his ensemble to accompany the liturgy.

A native of the city of Genova, Giulio Plotino studied at the city’s conservatoire and was an award-winner of its Paganini violin competition before embarking on a career as an orchestral concert-master, in which capacity he has led the LPO, La Scala, La Fenice and Barcelona Symphony orchestras, among others. He has also worked extensively with the Baroque-era specialist Andrea Marcon; this present album marks his debut on Brilliant Classics, leading the period-instrument ensemble which he founded to celebrate the full expressive range of the Italian Baroque repertoire.

Composer: Guiseppe Tartini
00:00 Violin Concerto in G Major, D.80: I. Allegro ma non presto
04:53 Violin Concerto in G Major, D.80: II. Andante
10:44 Violin Concerto in G Major, D.80: III. Allegro assai
16:47 Violin Concerto in B Minor, D.125: I. Allegro assai
19:41 Violin Concerto in B Minor, D.125: II. Larghetto lascia c’hio dica addio
23:10 Violin Concerto in B Minor, D.125: III. Allegro
27:32 Violin Concerto in A Major, D.96: I. Allegro
31:07 Violin Concerto in A Major, D.96: II. Adagio
34:33 Violin Concerto in A Major, D.96: III. Presto
38:06 Violin Concerto in A Major, D.96: IV. Largo andante a rivi, a fonti, a fiumi correte, amare lagrime, sin tanto che consume lacerbo mio dolor
42:08 Violin sonata in G Minor the Devil’s Trill: I. Larghetto
46:29 Violin sonata in G Minor the Devil’s Trill: II. Allegro
51:56 Violin sonata in G Minor the Devil’s Trill: III. Andante, allegro, adagio

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