Telemann: Fantasia No. 7 in F Major TWV 40:8, Hanneke van Proosdij, recorder 4K

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Telemann’s Fantasia No. 7 TWV 40:8, performed by Hanneke van Proosdij, alto recorder.
The fantasies for unaccompanied flute, violin, and viola da gamba demonstrate Telemann’s mastery of melodic lines and idiomatic writing.
Telemann wrote two sets of twelve with the same title. The title piece in the original print in 1727/8 says “Fantasie per il Violino senza basso,” however, in his autobiography, Telemann refers to 12 fantasias for transverse flute.
The other set of 12, which really are for violin, have a myriad of double stops, so we can assume the title of the first set may have been a printer’s error. Though these fantasias are written for the transverse flute, they are great fun to play on the alto recorder. The original key is D major; I’m playing it in F major on the alto.
The first movement of the 7th fantasia has the character “alla Francese,” which can be interpreted as being in French overture style. It was common in French overtures to overdot the rhythms, as you will see in the performance.
A great piece by Telemann!
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