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Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann
Artists: Il Rossignolo (ensemble)

Despite not quite achieving the stellar fame of his contemporaries, Bach and Handel, Georg Telemann remains a stalwart of German Baroque music, having composed over 3000 works during his lifetime. His instrumental music is characterised by its extraordinary vivacity and daring joie de vivre, remaining some of his most frequently performed works today.

This recording brings together a collection of the composer’s rich and lyrical ensemble music, exemplifying his wide-ranging influences. Starting from his German roots, Telemann also drew inspiration from a variety of French, Italian and Polish sources. These exotic strands are brought to the fore in the Sonata in E minor TWV42:e6, which showcases Telemann’s eclectic and distinct taste. Also demonstrated are his unusual but effective instrumental pairings, such as the light-hearted rivalry between recorder and transverse flute, whose interplay is a highly inventive addition to the Concerto in E minor TWV52:e1. The recording ends with one of the composer’s six quartets, TWV43:G2, Part One of his Musique de table. This extraordinary attempt to foster a type of musical perfection through the colourful affetti quite rightly brought him much recognition in his lifetime.

Telemann’s outlandish ornamentation and rich flourishes are brought to life by Il Rossignolo, an ensemble who pride themselves on their expert renditions of early music. Using original instruments, their masterful interpretations are grounded in extensive historical research, leading to an informed and compelling performance.

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Concerto in E Minor, TWV 52:e1:
0:00:00 I. Largo
0:03:43 II. Allegro
0:07:33 III. Largo
0:10:37 IV. Allegro
Sonata in D Minor, TWV 42:d10:
0:13:06 I. Allegro
0:15:15 II. Adagio
0:17:41 III. Allegro
0:20:04 IV. Presto

Solo No. 10 in C Major, TWV 41:C5:
0:21:47 I. Adagio – Allegro
0:24:08 II. Larghetto
0:26:10 III. Vivace

Sonata in E Minor, TWV 42:e6:
0:28:45 I. Affettuoso
0:31:21 II. Allegro
0:33:15 III. Grave
0:35:07 IV. Allegro

Solo No. 2 in D Major, TWV 41:D9:
0:36:44 I. Largo
0:39:41 II. Vivace
0:42:41 III. Dolce
0:45:34 IV. Allegro

Quartet in G Major, TWV 43:G2:
0:48:05 I. Largo – Allegro
0:51:25 II. Vivace – Moderato – Vivace
0:57:55 III. Grave
0:58:32 IV. Vivace

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