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Composer: Various
Artists: Flavio Apro (guitar)

About this Album:
On this varied and atmospheric album, accomplished guitarist Flávio Apro selects pieces from nine different composers, all representative of the evolution of classical Brazilian guitar music over the course of the late-19th and 20th centuries. What connects many of these luminaries is their ability to bring European dance forms into their musical world and then to mould them into something different by injecting elements of Brazilian musical tradition. Particularly striking examples of this are João Pernambuco, whose Sons de Carrilhões incorporates elements of European polka, yet embellished with rhythmic and harmonic repetitions that conjure up numerous surprises for the listener; and Egberto Gismonti, whose work fuses traditional Brazilian genres with elements of jazz, classical, world and contemporary music.

Meanwhile, other composers from this collection push the envelope of guitar composition in different ways. Leo Brouwer’s challenging, four-part Sonata del Caminante travels through waves of landscape-evoking intensity, via extremes of tempo, dynamics and scope; while Rafael Altro’s Homenagem is a true test of the performer’s dexterity and skill.

00:00:00 Sons de Carrilhões (Arr. Apro)
00:04:02 Suite Antiga: ‘Aria’ (Arr. Apro)
00:08:24 Odeon (Arr. Apro)
00:11:20 Desvairada (Arr. Apro)
00:14:47 Modinha
00:19:03 Homenagem
00:22:58 Sonata del Caminante Vision de la Amazônia – El Gran Sertão – Danza Festiva – Toccata Nordestina
00:40:47 Esperança
00:44:33 A Santa Ceia Segundo Athayde
00:48:39 Dança das Cabeças (Arr. Apro)

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