The Organ of the Badia Fiorentina

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The organ of the Badia Fiorentina monastery in the centre of Florence is one of the finest surviving examples of an Italian renaissance organ, completed in 1558 by the Tuscan organ builder Onofrio Zeffirini. The characteristically Italian timbre of the organ and its historical temperament make it the perfect instrument for performing repertoire from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

The Organ of the Badia Fiorentina
Artists: Giovanna Riboli (organ)

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In her own booklet-note introduction to the repertoire on this album, Giovanna Ribolli explains that she has chosen a sequence of repertoire to display the organ at its most characteristic, but also to give a guided tour to high-points of European organ music of the late 16th and early 17th centuries. She opens her recital with a pair of toccatas, by the Venetian Gabrieli and the Florentine Frescobaldi, that give voice to the instrument’s most brilliant registers. A variation set by Pasquini enables her to range over the impressive stop-list including rarities such as a Nightingale stop.

There are two representatives of the English keyboard school, Byrd and Farnaby, at their most extrovert and virtuosic, and then two substantial pieces by the founder of the North German organ school, Sweelinck, followed by an ‘English masquerade’ by his pupil Scheidemann. Giovanna Ribolli rounds off this imaginatively programmed album in reflective mode with the Tiento y discurso de segundo tono by the Spanish composer and organist Francisco Correa de Arauxo. The album’s expressive journey is astutely planned, and her playing of this historic instrument brings out all its antique tone- colours.

Giovanni Gabrieli:
0:00:00 Toccata del secondo tono

Girolamo Frescobaldi:
0:02:55 Partite sopra l’aria di Fiorenza
0:07:05 From “secondo libro di toccate”: I. Toccata nona

Bernardo Pasquini:
0:13:04 Variazioni capricciose

William Byrd:
0:20:03 Fantasia in A Minor, BK13

Giles Farnaby:
0:28:35 Mal Sims in D Minor, FVB 281

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck:
0:32:36 Fantasia
0:44:12 Pavana lachrimae

Heinrich Scheidemann:
0:50:25 Englische Mascarada oder Judentanz in G Minor, WV 108

Francisco Correa de Arauxo:
0:55:00 Tiento y discurso de segundo tono, FO 2

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