The Russian Guitar 1800-1850

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This comprehensive release is a celebration of the astonishing presence of the guitar in Russia at the beginning of the 19th century. Just the sheer number of composers featured on this 7CD album exemplifies how popular the instrument was. Though many of these composers have now fallen into obscurity, their works live on – discovered by renowned guitarist Oleg Timofeyev, an expert on the music of this time. Mr Timofeyev is known for reviving the seven-string Russian guitar, and it is on this instrument that he performs these works, many of which have never been recorded before.

Artists: Oleg Timofeyev (Russian seven-string guitar), John Schneiderman (Russian seven-string guitar ), Dan Caraway (Russian seven-string guitar ), Anne Harley (soprano ), Etienne Abelin (classical violin), Kenneth Slowik (fortepiano)

00:00:00 (Andrey Sychra) The Poor Branch
00:05:04 (Andrey Sychra) In the Valley
00:12:35 (Andrey Sychra) Troïka
00:17:22 (Andrey Sychra) In the Garden
00:21:30 (Andrey Sychra) Four Études: Étude No. 1
00:30:10 (Andrey Sychra) Four Études: Étude No. 2
00:35:08 (Andrey Sychra) Four Études: Étude No. 3
00:41:10 (Andrey Sychra) Four Études: Étude No. 4
00:48:02 (Andrey Sychra) Variations on Weber’s Last Thought
00:56:13 (Andrey Sychra) Rondo à la Savoyard
01:00:57 (Semion Aksionov) Kamarinskaia
01:05:48 (Semion Aksionov) In the Valley
01:11:06 (Semion Aksionov) Exercise in A Minor
01:12:27 (Semion Aksionov) Feel Bad
01:16:25 (Semion Aksionov) Pour biendans ma chaumière
01:20:07 (Semion Aksionov) How Did I Upset You?
01:24:16 (Semion Aksionov) Akh vy seni
01:28:38 (Semion Aksionov) Mozart Variations
01:33:29 (Mikhail Vysotsky) March
01:37:45 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Stop Singing, oh Nature’s Friend
01:41:00 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Love Pear
01:45:39 (Alexander Vetrov) You Won’t Believe
01:53:08 (Alexander Vetrov) Étude in D Major
01:56:26 (Alexander Vetrov) Étude in G Major
01:59:24 (Alexander Vetrov) Étude in A Minor
02:02:31 (Alexander Vetrov) Rondoletto
02:05:42 (Ignaz von Held)Rondo
02:07:29 (Ignaz von Held)Polonaise de Mars
02:11:48 (Joseph Kamensky) Sonata for Violin and Seven-string Guitar: I. Allegro moderato
02:19:13 (Joseph Kamensky) Sonata for Violin and Seven-string Guitar: II. Polish Song with Variations
02:24:51 (Ludwig Sychra) Fantasia
02:31:03 (Vladimir Lvov) Sonata: I. Allegro moderato
02:39:17 (Vladimir Lvov) Sonata: II. Rondo. Allegretto
02:44:18 (Anon.) D’un mensonge
02:45:52(Anon.) On dit que sans espérance
02:47:37 (Anon.) À ma Clémence
02:49:47 (Andrey Sychra) Polonaise
02:52:15 (Ferdinando Antonolini) Perduta l’arbitra
02:55:24 (Domenico Cimarosa) Se m’abandoni
02:58:32 (A. Svientitsky) Variations
03:02:47 (A. Svientitsky) Kozak – Air russe
03:05:09 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Fantasia
03:07:31 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Not a Peacock
03:12:42 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Troïka
03:16:43 (Mikhail Vysotsky) I Loved Rose
03:20:38 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Don’t Be Surprised
03:23:00 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Fantasia on the Themes from Cramer’s Études
03:26:24 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Remember, My Friend
03:31:31 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Bach’s Fugue
03:35:36 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Cossack
03:41:03 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Rondo
03:44:18 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Go Home, Dear Cow
03:51:15 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Ukrainian Song
03:53:18 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Ogiński’s Polonaise
03:57:31 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Ah, Mother, I Have a Headache
04:01:53 (Mikhail Vysotsky) Vanyusha
04:04:15 (Andrey Sychra) Polonaise
04:12:07 (Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka) Polonaise
04:16:11 (Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka) Kamarinskaia
04:23:21 (Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka) Potpourri from Life for the Tsar
04:33:50 (Michał Kleofas Ogiński) Polonaise in A Major
04:37:09 (Michał Kleofas Ogiński) Polonaise in F Minor
04:43:18 (Andrey Sychra) Variations on Two Songs
04:59:15 (Pierre Rode) Polonaise
05:05:03 (Nikolai Alexandrov) My Heart
05:07:12 (Nikolai Alexandrov) Graziella
05:09:32 (Nikolai Alexandrov) It is Hard for Me
05:11:19 (Nikolai Alexandrov) Gallop
05:14:25 (Nikolai Alexandrov) Scherzo
05:18:40 (Nikolai Alexandrov) L’Illusion perdue
05:20:08 (Nikolai Alexandrov) An Orphan’s Song
05:21:33 (Nikolai Alexandrov) Ballad
05:23:31 (Nikolai Alexandrov) Prayer
05:26:01 (Nikolai Alexandrov) Melody
05:27:53 (Fiodor Zimmerman) Capriccio in B Minor
05:30:28 (Fiodor Zimmerman) Capriccio in G Major
05:33:01 (Fiodor Zimmerman) Tyrolian Waltz
05:34:18 (Fiodor Zimmerman) Waltz
05:35:30 (Fiodor Zimmerman) Two Marches: No. 1
05:37:07 (Fiodor Zimmerman) Two Marches: No. 2

(Full tracklist can be found in the comment section!)

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