Tosti: The Song of a Life, Volume 3

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This is the third and penultimate instalment of a huge enterprise, a world premiere: the recording of the complete songs by Tosti!


Composer: Francesco Paolo Tosti
Artists: Valentina Coladonato (soprano), Delphine Da Pontello (soprano), Aldo Di Toro (tenor), Luisa Prayer (pianoforte), Marco Scolastra (pianoforte), Daniela Mazzucato (soprano), Max René Cosotti (tenor), Marika Spadafino (soprano), Alessandro Luciano (tenor), Marco Moresco (pianoforte), Marco Severin (baritone), Isabella Crisante (piano)

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Based on 33 years of scholarship and promotion by the Istituto Nazionale Tostiano and a lifetime of studies on the part of Francesco Sanvitale, this volume lives up to its predecessors in bringing to wider attention the work of a born songsmith, at home in the English and French tongues as well as his native Italian, and one who brought the genre of salon song to a peak of perfection.

No one, not even the most dedicated Tosti singers such as Gigli and Caruso, had ever addressed Tosti’s oeuvre with anything near a comprehensive approach. Yet the chronological approach to his work taken bythis project proves that he was certainly not confined within the limited universe of love requited, rejected, desired, misunderstood, suffered or unspoken. The songs in this third volume cover the last decade of the 19th century, by which time Tosti had settled in London, been appointed singing teacher to the royal family and to a professorship at the Royal Academy of Music.

00:00:00 A sera…, vogata
00:03:07 Sleep, and Remembered, Beloved
00:06:46 Barcarolle
00:10:10 My Darling
00:14:04 Love’s Return
00:16:57 Lamento d’amore. perché ti deggio amar

A Greyswood:
00:20:34 I. Mattinata
00:23:23 II. Sonnet
00:26:50 III. Zitta!
00:29:14 IV. Vecchio stornello

00:30:57 Because of You
00:35:16 May-Time

00:38:23 I. Mon bien aimé!
00:41:39 II. Petite valse romantique
00:44:40 III. Avec toi
00:46:55 IV. L’extase I. Connaissez-vous
00:50:38 II. Debout encore, muet
00:52:54 III. Lorsqu’en mes bras

00:55:19 Petite noel
00:56:29 Who Knows?
00:59:04 Povera Maria!
01:02:36 Te souviens-tu?
01:08:09 Les filles de Cadix
01:15:40 Why Beatest So, O Heart?
01:20:46 Let love Awake
01:23:57 Two, Song
01:27:17 Addio fanciulla…
01:29:37 Petite serenade
01:32:23 Demain!
01:34:08 Retournelle
01:38:04 Suzon
01:42:26 Bonjour, Suzon!
01:45:05 Canta!…
01:49:15 My Dreams
01:52:50 On Lido Waters
01:56:15 Song of a Rose
02:00:48 Rêve
02:03:58 Strana
02:07:35 Te solo
02:10:42 A Song of Rest
02:15:40 Falling Leaves
02:20:36 Ancora…!
02:25:11 Le rose che mi desti
02:28:20 Se avessi l’ale!…
02:31:00 Senza l’amore!
02:33:32 Ohè! Mammà!
02:35:48 Invano!

2 chansons:
02:38:17 I. Chanson de Barberine
02:40:55 II. Chanson de l’adieu

02:43:19 Amour! Amour!
02:46:04 Infidélité
02:48:52 Malgré moi
02:51:09 Solo!
02:53:41 Parted

Per lei:
02:56:35 I. Io ricordo, madonna, quella sera
02:59:03 II. E come i maggi vengon per le rose
03:00:40 III. Dalla pioggia le foglie ancor bagnate
03:03:01 IV. Io vi vorrei veder tutta baciata
03:05:27 V. Ed ecco il sogno

03:08:35 Aimez quand on vous aime!
03:10:54 Speak!
03:14:46 The Silver Lining
03:18:13 If
03:21:45 Love me To-Day
03:26:25 Spring
03:29:58 Regret
03:32:38 Far away
03:35:05 Rose d’automne
03:41:12 Fede
03:47:04 Serenata allegra
03:49:34 Novembre
03:54:03 La mia canzone!
03:58:01 Chi sa!
04:03:17 Inverno triste!
04:07:32 Parting Time
04:09:57 Non m’amate più
04:13:36 Vos yeux
04:16:09 Mon coeur qui t’aime!
04:19:20 Pierrot’s Lament
04:23:00 Non chiedermi se t’amo

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