Van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust Hof

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On this release, young Dutch recorder player Erik Bosgraaf tackles a selection of 65 works from Van Eyck’s opus. Playing on (copies of) period instruments he treats this music freely almost suggesting improvisation on the spot. A truly outstanding recording debut by a musician who has already left his mark on recorder performance.

Composer: Jacob van Eyck
Artist: Erik Bosgraaf (recorder)

Exhilarating music from the Golden Age. Or, how a single recorder might surprise even a 21st-century audience with its virtuosity.

Jacob van Eyck Esquire was a contemporary of Rembrandt’s. Unlike the famous painter he mainly resided in Utrecht, city of many churches in the centre of The Netherlands. At the time the blind composer and city carillonneur was also well-known for his improvised virtuoso recorder playing.

As such he was quite an unusual phenomenon. Even now some three and a half centuries later one can sense the breathtaking qualities of his music from Der Fluyten Lust-hof, The flute’s garden of delight’. This collection of Dutch music consists of a variety of pieces, mainly series of variations on psalms and popular songs: almost 150 in all.

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Jacob Van Eyck:
00:00:00 Preludium of Voorspel
00:00:41 Phantasia
00:03:07 Lavolette
00:05:29 Een Schots Lietjen
00:07:37 Comagain
00:12:51 Silvester in de Morgenstont
00:14:49 Lanterlu
00:16:29 Pavaen Lachrymae
00:21:05 Rosemont
00:22:58 Balet, of Vluchste Nimphje van de Jaght
00:25:43 Tweede Carileen
00:28:59 Stil, Stil een Reys
00:29:49 Blydschap van Myn Vliedt
00:32:19 Derde Doen Daphne d’over
00:37:12 De Eerste Licke-pot (I)
00:38:28 De Eerste Licke-pot (II)
00:39:40 Malle Symen (Malsimmes)
00:43:31 2. Courant, Of Harte Diefje Waerom Zoo Stil
00:45:42 Wat Zalmen op den Avond Doen
00:51:34 Almande Prime Roses
00:55:45 Bravade
00:58:36 Princes Roaeyle
01:01:53 Onder de Linde Groene
01:03:40 Lossy
01:05:43 Gabrielle Maditelle
01:07:40 d’Lof-zangh Marie
01:10:32 3. Ballet
01:12:03 O Slaep, O Zoete Slaep
01:16:52 Praeludium
01:17:17 Fantasia
01:18:50 Excusemoy
01:22:32 Prins Robberts Masco
01:25:37 Amarilli Mia Bella (I)
01:33:26 Amarilli Mia Bella (II)
01:37:02 Engels Nachtegaeltje
01:41:58 Ballette Bronckhorst
01:45:44 Ballette Gravesand / Laura
01:49:58 Eerste Carileen
01:54:18 Doen Daphne d’Over Schoone Maeght
01:57:23 Si Vous Me Voules Guerir
02:02:48 Psalm 118
02:10:30 Courante Mars
02:12:18 4. Ballet
02:14:06 Onse Vader in Hemelryck
02:19:04 Psalm 9
02:24:52 Kits Almande
02:28:23 Vande Lombart (More Palatino)
02:29:08 Fantasia & Echo
02:30:59 De France Courant
02:33:36 Psalm 140, Ofte Tien Geboden
02:37:07 Courante 1
02:40:08 Courant, of Ach Treurt Myn Bedroefde
02:42:20 L’Amie Cillae
02:45:07 Boffons
02:46:51 Repicavan
02:48:46 Bocxvoetje
02:49:24 Wilhelmus Van Nassouwen
02:52:15 Noch Een Veranderingh Van Wilhelmus
02:54:00 Philis Schoone Harderinne
02:57:29 Orainge
02:59:46 Derde Carileen
03:03:56 Psalm 119
03:09:35 Questa Dolce Sirena
03:11:40 Sarabande
03:13:59 Tweede Lavignone
03:17:54 O Heyligh Zaligh Bethlehem
03:21:43 Vierde Carileen
03:26:18 Batali
03:31:12 Een Spaense Voys

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