Variations: Beethoven, Rachmaninoff & Copland

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A fascinating programme of three variations cycles from different style periods. The Beethoven Eroica variations brim with boisterous good humour, wit, virtuosity and the occasional touch of sadness and melancholy; the Piano Variations by Aaron Copland are stark, austere and glowing from inner power, not easy to digest but immensely gripping.

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Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven, Sergei Rachmaninoff & Aaron Copland
Artist: Alexander Korsantia (piano)

This album contains Variations by Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and Copland, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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Ludwig van Beethoven: Variations and Fugue in E-Flat Major, Op. 35:
0:00:00 I. Allegretto vivace
0:00:44 II. A due
0:01:27 III. A tre
0:02:25 IV. A Quattro
0:03:06 V. Tema
0:03:46 VI. Variation 1
0:04:31 VII. Variation 2
0:05:15 VIII. Variation 3
0:05:58 IX. Variation 4
0:06:43 X. Variation 5
0:07:36 XI. Variation 6
0:08:15 XII. Variation 7
0:08:59 XIII. Variation 8
0:10:00 XIV. Variation 9
0:10:39 XV. Variation 10
0:11:38 XVI. Variation 11
0:12:20 XVII. Variation 12
0:13:08 XVIII. Variation 13
0:13:54 XIX. Variation 14
0:15:14 XX. Variation 15
0:18:56 XXI. Coda
0:20:05 XXII. Finale, alla fuga
0:22:35 XXIII. Andante

Sergei Rachmaninoff: Variations on a Theme by Chopin in C Minor, Op. 22:
0:24:34 I. Theme. Largo
0:25:52 II. Variation 1. Moderato
0:26:40 III. Variation 2. Allegro
0:26:58 IV. Variation
0:27:16 V. Variation 4
0:28:01 VI. Variation 5. Meno mosso
0:28:27 VII. Variation 6. Meno mosso
0:29:46 VIII. Variation 7. Allegro
0:30:04 IX. Variation 8
0:30:23 X. Variation 9
0:30:45 XI. Variation 10. Più vivo
0:31:22 XII. Variation 11. Lento
0:33:08 XIII. Variation 12. Moderato
0:36:00 XIV. Variation 13. Largo
0:37:40 XV. Variation 14. Moderato
0:39:27 XVI. Variation 15. Allegro scherzando
0:40:54 XVII. Variation 16. Lento
0:42:16 XVIII. Variation 17. Grave
0:43:30 XIX. Variation 18. Più mosso
0:44:24 XX. Variation 19. Allegro vivace
0:45:54 XXI. Variation 20. Presto
0:47:02 XXII. Variation 21. Andante-più vivo
0:50:33 XXIII. Variation 22. Maestoso

0:57:18 Aaron Copland: Piano Variations

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