Veracini: Violin Sonatas Opp. 1-3

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Composer: Antonio Veracini
Artists: El Arte Mvsico, Angel Sampedro (violin), Teresa Casanova (violin), Isabel Goméz-Serranillos (cello), Diego Fernández (harpsichord)

The Veracini who wrote these playful and virtuosic trio sonatas is not Francesco Maria but his uncle, Antonio. The nephew’s work is relatively well-known, including an Op.1 set of twelve sonatas which has already received a recording on Brilliant Classics (BC93809) by Enrico Casazza and La Magnifica Comunita. Antonio was also born and raised a Florentine, taught by his father and in time director of the school of music which Veracini pere had founded. This duty was the likely obstacle to his forging an international career, despite promising and well-received visits to Rome and Vienna.

The three sets of trio sonatas published as Antonio Veracini’s Opp. 1-3 have been excerpted by El Arte Mvsico on this album. Op.1 (1692) is a collection of sonate da chiesa in the style of Corelli, whereas the works of Op.2, dating from two years later, are composed in the newly fashionable style of sonata da camera, in which the first movement is a free prelude that calls for interpretation to recreate the vibrant flourishes of Corelli’s style. There is much technically challenging moto perpetuo writing in this collection, such as the Veloce of Sonata No.8, and notably French-inflected movements, such as the delicate Largo affettuoso of Sonata No.1.


Trio Sonatas, Op. 1 No. 4:
00:00:00 I. Adagio. Presto
00:01:50 II. Vivace
00:02:41 III. Canzona
00:04:37 IV. Vivace

Violin Sonata, Op. 2 No. 1:
00:05:56 I. Grave
00:07:56 II. Vivace
00:10:06 III. Largo affettuoso
00:12:21 IV. Vivace

Violin Sonata, Op. 3 No. 4:
00:14:14 I. Grave
00:15:47 II. Vivace
00:17:58 III. Largo
00:19:10 IV. Vivace

Violin Sonata, Op. 2 No. 8:
00:20:51 I. Grave
00:22:22 II. Aria affettuosa
00:23:49 III. Veloce
00:24:38 IV. Largo
00:25:53 V. Affettuoso

Violin Sonata, Op. 3 No. 7:
00:27:43 I. Largo
00:29:57 II. Allegro
00:31:19 III. Largo
00:33:21 IV. Vivace

Trio Sonatas, Op. 1 No.1:
00:34:47 I. Largo
00:36:30 II. Vivace
00:38:56 III. Largo
00:40:06 IV. Allegro

Violin Sonata, Op. 3 No. 8:
00:41:02 I. Grave
00:43:16 II. Vivace
00:45:56 III. Largo
00:47:55 IV. Presto

Violin Sonata, Op. 2 No. 4:
00:49:43 I. Grave
00:51:21 II. Presto assai
00:52:27 III. Allegro

Violin Sonata, Op. 3 No. 9:
00:53:55 I. Largo
00:55:29 II. Vivace
00:57:57 III. Largo
00:59:48 IV. Vivace

Trio Sonatas, Op. 1 No. 2:
01:01:26 I. Largo
01:03:08 II. Affettuoso
01:05:39 III. Largo
01:06:40 IV. Vivace

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