Viardot: Mélodies, Chopin Mazurkas and other Songs

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Composer: Pauline Viardot Garcia
Artist: Marina Comparato (mezzo soprano)
Elisa Triulzi (piano)

Daughter of the famous tenor García, himself a favourite of Gioachino Rossini, Pauline Viardot was originally destined to become a pianist (and was at one time tutored by Liszt) before the deaths of her father and singer-sister saw her re-trained as a mezzo-soprano by her mother. In 1839 she made her operatic debut in London, subsequently achieving renown on the concert and operatic stages of Great Britain, Germany and Russia in particular. Among her admirers in St Petersburg was the young Ivan Turgenev, later to become the best-known author of his country in Europe and North America.

00:00:00 12 Mazurkas: I. Seize ans (Arr. Viardot)
00:04:00 12 Mazurkas: II. Aime-moi (Arr. Viardot)
00:06:50 12 Mazurkas: III. Plainte d’amour (Arr. Viardot)
00:10:15 12 Mazurkas: IV. Coquette (Arr. Viardot)
00:12:53 12 Mazurkas: V. L’Oiselet (Arr. Viardot)
00:16:10 12 Mazurkas: VI. Séparation (Arr. Viardot)
00:18:22 12 Mazurkas: VII. La Fête (Arr. Viardot)
00:22:54 12 Mazurkas: VIII. Faible coeur (Arr. Viardot)
00:27:50 12 Mazurkas: IX. La jeune fille (Arr. Viardot)
00:31:01 12 Mazurkas: X. Berceuse (Arr. Viardot)
00:34:30 12 Mazurkas: XI. La Danse (Arr. Viardot)
00:38:11 12 Mazurkas: XII. La Beauté (Arr. Viardot)
00:40:28 Six mélodies: V. Madrid
00:43:34 Canzonetta de Concert (arr. Viardot)
00:47:44 Album de Chant pour 1850: I. Solitude (É. Turquety)
00:50:26 Album de Chant pour 1850: II. La petite Chevrière
00:52:59 Album de Chant pour 1850: III. L’Absence (Caña española)
00:55:05 Album de Chant pour 1850: IV. Un jour de printemps (Caprice) (É. Turquety)
00:57:45 Album de Chant pour 1850: V. Villanelle (É. Turquety)
01:00:47 Album de Chant pour 1850: VI. En Mer (G. de Larenaudière)
01:06:46 Album de Chant pour 1850: VII. La Chanson de Loïc (A. Brizeux)
01:10:52 Album de Chant pour 1850: VIII. Marie et Julie (G. de Larenaudière)
01:13:21 Album de Chant pour 1850: IX. La Luciole (G. de Larenaudière)
01:16:15 Album de Chant pour 1850: X. Tarentelle

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