Vivaldi: Complete Concertos & Sonatas Vol. 1

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Federico Guglielmo and his ensemble L’Arte dell’Arco have already made a number of acclaimed recordings of Vivaldi’s music for Brilliant Classics. This boxset brings together CDs previously published along with never-before-heard recordings, spanning Vivaldi’s Concertos and Sonatas Opp. 1–12 plus a bonus CD of Cello Sonatas. The comprehensive collection showcases the perennial music of ‘Il prete rosso’, with Italian musicians playing on authentic instruments, giving the closest version possible to the sounds that would have resonated in Venice 300 years ago.
This release is proud to feature some of Guglielmo’s long-time collaborators, including Mario Folena on the flute, Pier Luigi Fabretti on the oboe and Francesco Galligioni on the cello, all experienced performers with a sound that blends perfectly with L’Arte dell’Arco. The ensemble itself also differs from piece to piece, with Guglielmo carefully selecting the number of performers and instrumentation for each individual work, thereby creating the most authentic performance possible.

Guglielmo and his players bring a fresh interpretation to these beloved concertos as well as providing the listener with an opportunity to delve into Vivaldi’s lesser-known earlier works. With just one player per part, L’Arte dell’Arco strip back the layers, bringing a revitalising transparency to Vivaldi’s complex writing. The release includes world premieres of performances based on new critical editions of Vivaldi’s music authorised by the Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi, based at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice.

Antonio Vivaldi

L’Arte dell’Arco
Federico Guglielmo (conductor)
Francesco Galligioni (cello)
Pier Luigi Fabretti (oboe)
Mario Folena (flute)


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