Vivaldi Four Seasons: Autumn (Autunno) Full, original version. Carla Moore & Voices of Music RV 293

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The full version of Vivaldi’s Autumn, performed on original instruments by the award winning Early Music ensemble Voices of Music. Carla Moore, solo baroque violin. 4K video from our December, 2018, concerto program.
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For the Four Season, Vivaldi created four different styles of composition for each season. In Autumn, the composer uses a complex, dual ritornello form with the thematic material shared by the soloist. In addition, there are some “surround sound” effects to imitate the sound of the hunters, as short themes are rapidly exchanged across the sound stage. To show the interplay of the soloist and the ripieno, we filmed using ultra wideangle lenses with “deep stage” focus that renders all of the performers clearly.
Other innovative compositional elements include moving the rhapsodic adagio for solo violin into the first movement, then providing a second adagio for harpsichord as the middle movement with muted strings. A pianissimo ending concludes the rollicking third movement.
The subtitles in this video were written 300 years ago in the form of a sonnet, presumably by Vivaldi, and engraved directly onto the music. You may view the original Italian or an English translation by using the CC button.
For this video, a new edition was prepared from the original sources, prints and manuscripts for Vivaldi’s music. In Vivaldi’s original engraved score, the title is given as the older, Latin word Autumno, not the Italian Autunno. However, in the Manchester partbooks the title is given as Autunno, so we have chosen the more common spelling. You can see the original engraving on IMSLP:
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Carla Moore plays an 18th century violin by Johann Georg Thir, Vienna, Austria, 1754, one of only a few violins in the world to have remained completely in its original, unaltered form. In the 19th and 20th centuries, almost all baroque violins were modernized which dramatically changes the sound: this is the original sound.
The unusual harpsichord solo in the second movement is improvised and performed by Hanneke van Proosdij. Ms van Proosdij plays a harpsichord based on Bartolomeo Cristofori made by Joop Klinkhamer.
0:00 I. Allegro
5:32 II. Adagio molto
7:42 III. Allegro
11:40 Credits
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