Vivaldi Four Seasons: Autumn (L’Autunno) II. Adagio molto; van Proosdij & Voices of Music RV 293 4K

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The Adagio of Autumn from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, performed on original instruments by the award winning Early Music ensemble Voices of Music. Hanneke van Proosdij, harpsichord solo.
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For his second movement, Vivaldi gives the harpsichord a solo turn, marking the part “Il cembalo arpeggio.” The strings are given a silky smooth accompanying role, with only a few moving notes. The concerto is diplomatically balanced by including a finely crafted solo movement for the violin within the first movement.
Although it may be tempting to perform “adagio molto” slowly, the movement is not a largo, and the term “adagio” in the baroque often referred to the figuration as opposed to some sort of absolute tempo. The arpeggiation effectively creates two layers of tempo: the flowing notes of the harpsichord and the palatial alternations of the suspensions in the strings. Taken as a whole, the Four Seasons is clearly intended to be performed with a heightened sense of musical layering and textures, with many unique orchestrations for the individual movements.
For this video, a new edition was prepared from the original sources, prints and manuscripts for Vivaldi’s music. In Vivaldi’s original engraved score, the title is given as Autumno, not Autunno. However, in the Manchester partbooks the title is given as Autunno, so we have opted for the more common spelling. You can see the original engraving on IMSLP:
Ms. van Proosdij plays an Italian harpsichord after Cristofori by Joop Klinkhamer.
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This video marks the conclusion of our musical odyssey to film the complete Four Seasons of Vivaldi in 4K, ultra high definition video. Many people worked long hours to make this happen 🙂
As of this date, October, 2021, these videos have received more than 30 million views worldwide.
The videos will shortly be assembled into one complete video.
Thanks to all of our brilliant musicians and all who contributed, including preparing the scores, audio and video, post production, and managing the concerts. Thanks to our donors, who made this possible, and the ongoing support of our board.
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