Voces de Sefarad: Four Centuries of Spanish and Sephardic Songs

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Composer: Various composers
Artists: Romina Basso (mezzo-soprano), Alberto Mesirca (guitar), Vittoria Giaco-bazzi (soprano), Turkish Ensemble, Fahrettin Yarkin (artistic director)
The poignant melodies and poetic lyrics of this selection of Sephardic and Spanish songs have been re-interpreted in an exciting new release by Romina Basso and Alberto Mesirca, and the timing could not be better – serendipitously it coincides with the coming into effect of the law granting Sephardic Jews dual citizenship rights in Spain, over 500 years after they were expelled.

The recording came about thanks to an idea, sparked by an encounter between the artists in 2014, to fulfil Basso’s long-cherished dream of making a release devoted entirely to Spanish vocal music. The journeys the Sephardic Jews made on their forced migrations are reflected in the imprints that the various cultures they encountered along the way left on the Sephardic musical tradition. From Turkish lullabies to Hispanic romances, tonos humanos (Iberian secular songs) to traditional Sephardic songs, the traces of the cultures they passed through still resonate in the accompanying instruments and improvised melodies. The works span over 400 years, from 16th-century composer Mudarra’s Triste estaba el rey David to Rodrigo’s Adela from 1951, reflecting Sephardic Jewish migration over centuries.

00:00:00 Alonso Mudarra: Triste estaba el rey David
00:04:13 José Marín: Que se lleva las almas
00:07:13 José Marín: Ney taksim
00:08:31 José Marín: Tortolilla, si no es por amor
00:12:39 José Marín: Kemençe taksim
00:14:36 José Marín: Canta, jilguerillo
00:18:15 José Marín: Que dulcemente suena
00:21:02 José Marín: Tanbur taksim
00:21:47 José Marín: Ojos, pues me desdeñáis
00:26:12 José Marín: Ud taksim
00:27:15 Juan Hidalgo de Polanco: Sólo es querer
00:33:13 Anonymous: Lloren mis ojos
00:37:00 Anonymous: Tanbur Taksim
00:38:01 Trad. Sephardic: El rey de muncho madruga
00:42:03 Anonymous: Kanun taksim
00:43:59 Trad. Sephardic: Romance del conde niño
00:50:10 Anonymous: Tanbur taksim
00:51:39 Trad. Sephardic: Nani nani
00:56:13 Federico García Lorca: Canciones españolas antiguas: VIII. Nana de Sevilla
01:03:03 Federico García Lorca: Canciones españolas antiguas: V. Las morillas de Jaén
01:06:11 Anonymous: Kanun taksim
01:07:49 Joaquin Rodrigo: Adela
01:10:26 Federico Mompou: Canción y danza No. 10
01:13:49 Manuel de Falla: 7 Canciones populares Españolas: III. Asturiana
01:16:24 Manuel de Falla: 7 Canciones populares Españolas: V. Nana
01:18:26 Manuel de Falla: 7 Canciones populares Españolas: VII. Polo

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