Voices of Music: Bučimiš; Peter Maund, riq & Hanneke van Proosdij, recorder (Бучeниш)

In this video

Voices of Music presents the Bulgarian folk tune Bučimiš with Peter Maund, riq & Hanneke van Proosdij, recorder.
Bučimiš is a lively Bulgarian folk tune and folk dance in the unusual meter of 15/16. The tune is thought to have originated in the Pazardžik region of Thrace in western Bulgaria–the word Bučimiš (бучиниш or Бучeниш) is often translated as “Hemlock,” but can also mean “wild parsley.” (Thanks, Boby Borisov!)
Live, HD video from the Great Artists Series concert in San Francisco, February 15, 2014.


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