Water Inspired Piano Music

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This album contains water inspired piano music, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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0:00:00 Liszt: Années de Pèlerinage III, S. 163: IV. Les jeux d’eaux à la Villa D’Este played by Tyler Hay
0:07:42 Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op. 37a: IV. April. Snowdrop played by Yuan Sheng
0:10:41 Ravel: Jeux d’eau in E Major, M. 30 played by François Dumont
0:16:14 Griffes: 3 Tone-Pictures, Op. 5: III. The Night Winds played by Emanuele Torquati
0:18:35 Wild: Floods of Spring, Op. 14 No. 11 played by Giovanni Doria Miglietta
0:22:58 Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte, Op. 30: VI. Allegretto in F-Sharp Minor “Venetian Gondola Song” played by Balázs Szokolay
0:26:05 Griffes: Roman Sketches, Op. 7: III. The Fountain of the Acqua Paola played by Emanuele Torquati
0:29:56 Lyapunov: 12 Études d’exécution transcendante, Op. 11: IV. Térek G-Sharp Minor played by Vincenzo Maltempo
0:34:04 Chopin: Preludes, Op. 28: No. 15, Prelude in D-Flat Major “Raindrop” played by Misha Goldstein
0:38:52 Liszt: 2 Légendes, S. 175: II. St. François de Paul marchant sur les flots played by Leonardo Pierdomenico
0:47:48 Chopin: Barcarolle in F-Sharp Major, Op. 60 played by Georgijs Osokins
0:57:39 Debussy: Images, livre II, L. 111: III. Poissons d’or played by Christopher Devine
1:01:03 Godard: 20 Pièce pour le Piano, Op. 58: XI. Les Patineur in F Major played by Alessandro Deljavan
1:06:36 Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit, M. 55: I. Ondine played by François Dumont
1:13:21 Debussy: Préludes, livre I, L. 117: X. La cathédrale engloutie played by Christopher Devine
1:19:21 Nevin: Water Scenes, Op. 13: II. Ophelia played by Artem Belogurov
1:22:47 Cilea: Tre Pezzi, Op. 43: II. Acque correnti played by Sandro De Palma
1:24:40 Liszt: Années de pèlerinage Book I, S. 160: IV. Au bord d’une source played by Enrico Pace
1:28:39 Nevin: Water Scenes, Op. 13: V. Barcacolle played by Artem Belogurov
1:33:05 Alkan: Recueil de chants, Op. 38, premiere recueil: VI. Barcarolle played by Alan Weiss
1:36:56 Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op. 37a: VI. June. Barcarolle played by Yuan Sheng
1:42:19 Debussy: L’isle joyeuse, L. 106 played by Christopher Devine
1:48:06 Nevin: Water Scenes, Op. 13: IV. Narcissus played by Artem Belogurov
1:50:56 Liszt: Années de pèlerinage Book I, S. 160: II. Au lac de Wallenstadt played by Enrico Pace
1:54:05 Shamo: Hutsul Aquarelles: IV. Spring Rain played by Dimitri Tchesnokov
1:57:46 Einaudi: Le onde played by Jeroen van Veen
2:02:57 Godard: Barcarolle No. 2, Op. 80 in F Major played by Alessandro Deljavan
2:07:39 Debussy: Estampes, L. 100: III. Jardins sous la pluie played by Christopher Devine
2:11:07 Nevin: Water Scenes, Op. 13: I. Dragon Fly played by Artem Belogurov
2:12:34 Debussy: Préludes, livre II, L. 123: VIII. Ondine played by Christopher Devine
2:16:02 Ravel: Miroirs, M. 43: III. Une barque sur l’océan played by François Dumont
2:23:14 Griffes: Fantasy Pieces, Op. 6: I. Barcarolle played by Emanuele Torquati
2:29:50 Debussy: Images, livre I, L. 110: I. Reflets dans l’eau played by Christopher Devine
2:34:51 Yiruma: One Day I Will played by Jeroen van Veen
2:39:07 Godard: Barcarolle No. 3, Op. 105 in B-Flat Major played by Alessandro Deljavan
2:43:32 Nevin: Water Scenes, Op. 13: III. Water Nymph played by Artem Belogurov

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