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Silvius Leopold Weiss (1687-1750) was a German composer and arguably the master lutenist of the 18th century.

Composer: Silvius Leopold Weiss

Artists: Wolfgang Rübsam (lute-harpsichord)

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In addition to being one of the greatest players of all time, he was one of the most important and most prolific composers of lute music in history. He wrote around 600 pieces for lute, most of them grouped into ‘sonatas’ (not to be confused with the later classical sonata, based on sonata form) or suites, consisting mostly of Baroque dance movements.

This recital features some of Weiss’s sonatas (he called them ‘Suonate’) for solo lute. They have come down to us in a variety of tablature manuscripts, and many are missing their preludes, which were usually improvised. Weiss’s music is characterised by a unique understanding of the capabilities of his instrument, its strengths and its weaknesses. Like J.S. Bach’s, his music represents the culmination of a high Baroque style a little at odds with the more progressive aspirations of his younger contemporaries.

Sonata, WeissSW. 61 in D Minor:
0:00:00 I. Ouverture
0:03:37 II. Bourée
0:05:17 III. Menuet
0:07:09 IV. Gigue
0:08:54 V. Menuet
0:10:25 VI. Gigue
0:12:03 VII. Sarabande

Sonata, WeissSW. 97 in F Major:
0:15:30 I. Andante
0:20:36 II. Courante
0:23:18 III. Bourée
0:26:00 IV. Polonoise
0:26:45 V. Gigue

Sonata, WeissSW. 93 in D Minor:
0:28:31 I. Allemande
0:31:31 II. Gavotte
0:33:41 III. Bourée
0:36:11 IV. Menuet
0:37:46 V. Gigue
0:40:04 VI. Rigaudon

Sonata, WeissSW. 95 in G Minor:
0:43:06 I. Allemande
0:48:02 II. Courante
0:51:22 III. Gigue
0:54:02 IV. Paysanne
0:56:37 V. Polonoise

Sonata, WeissSW. 96 in G Major:
0:58:16 I. Prelude
1:00:00 II. Andante
1:04:09 III. Courante
1:06:39 IV. Bourée
1:08:55 V. Sarabande
1:11:19 VI. Menuet
1:13:39 VII Presto

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